Friday, July 28, 2006

SD interrupts...

Her own "Leave of Abscense" to bring you a few scrumptious links that were just too salacious to go unmentioned...

You know, SD loves her some fun, kinky and downright salacious toys, but honestly, who wouldn't? And on occasion, I'll come across a link to a "sex toy" site that catches my attention. Such is the case with I spent a bit of time there poking around and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process.

There is also a blog affiliated with the site that has some deliciously naughty links to all kinds of various salacious material. So go on now, check it out, it'll be fun, I promise.

I also updated my blogroll the other day and added a couple links that you absolutely must go pay a visit...

Angel Brat (who happens to be one of my fellow reviewers for the lovely folks at SCP)


Lone Sloan Delirius (which is an intellectually stimulating erotic experience that I feel you must experience)

In other news, I recently did another review for the sinfully delectable Amy of South Coast Pleasure...

With the hot water from the shower brazenly blending with the moisture emanating from my own body, my fingers slid easily through the soft wet lips of my pussy. It was bliss. I closed my eyes and thinking of my lovers tongue sliding softly over my hot, wet, swollen clit I reached for my Mega-Mite with my other hand and turned it on ( one of the fabulous features of my new friend is the ease at which it can be turned on, one handed is absolutely no problem, so if your other hand is busy, no worries). I ran it over my nipples first, enjoying the strong vibrating sensation against the sensitive flesh there and then down over my belly to my inner thigh before moving it up over my fingers to my clit. Eureka. It was incredible, I came and came again, no discomfort, no having to remove my friend because of over sensitivity, just a mind blowing orgasm followed by another with equal fervor. Yummy.

Read the full review here.

And if fate continues to smile on me, I'll have the rest of my reviews done before the weekend is out (and I do so look forward to that--Mmm...), so stay tuned.

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  1. Blogger Pete posted at 9:57 PM, July 28, 2006  
  2. Blogger SD posted at 12:40 PM, July 29, 2006  
    "Huh", huh?
  3. Blogger Tricia posted at 2:13 PM, July 29, 2006  
    Ooooooooooooh toys!!!
    I love toys!
    I love love love toys!

    Did I mention that I love toys?

    I do!

    Fun stuff SD.


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