Saturday, June 04, 2005

For you...

Twisting... Turning...
Aching... Burning...

For you.

I want you... I need you...
To have you... To keep you...

Only you.

Touch me... Taste me...
Take me... Claim me...

I'm yours.

Eyes... Lips... Teeth... Tongue...
A mere look and I come undone.

It scares me, this power I've given you.
Don't you see, there's nothing I wouldn't do.

For you.

Only you.

Posted by SD at 12:40 PM


  1. Blogger O posted at 4:41 PM, June 04, 2005  
    oh, sd, that was so lovely!!! i cant find the words to say how much!
  2. Blogger Evil Minx posted at 8:13 PM, June 04, 2005  
    Beautiful, SD. You could have written that poem for me.

    The line "It scares me, this power I've given you"... - oh boy, have I been there...

    EM xxx
  3. Blogger rodtalks posted at 2:06 AM, June 05, 2005  
    I like all the T-words......Twist. Turn. Touch. Taste. Take. Teeth. Tongue.... too nice, especially the taste!
  4. Blogger SD posted at 11:34 AM, June 05, 2005  
    O... Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I find your writing extremely lovely also.

    EM... Thank you. I'm honored that you could relate to the poem.

    I think that all of us (man or woman) have, at one time or another, been in a relationship where we've given complete control of ourselves to another. It can be very scary but if it's the right person it can also be very liberating.

    Rod... Thank you. And yes, tasting, by far, is the best part. Yum.


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