Wednesday, May 31, 2006


To feel your soft wet tongue slide over my hot, aching, slippery flesh. Exploring me. Softly. Slowly. Teasingly. Knowing that when you do, I won't be able to stop my hips from arching up to press against your tongue. Wanting. Needing. More.

To feel your fingers dig into the soft skin of my hips, pressing me back down against the bed while you begin to explore me with lips, teeth and tongue. Knowing that when you do, I'll have to bite down on my own tongue to fight the urge to arch back up into your mouth.

To feel your teeth scrape over my clit as your tongue explores my delicate lips before moving down to press in to me, to make love to me. Knowing that when you do, I won't be able to stop my thighs from trying to press together, trapping you there, your mouth pressed against my throbbing pussy.

To feel your fingers flex against my skin before digging back in to force my thighs apart, your tongue moving up to replace your teeth on my clit. Knowing that when you do, that delicious tingling sensation coursing through my body will continue to grow until I'm mindless of anything but you and the pleasure you bring me. No inhibitions. No holding back.

To feel your lips, teeth and tongue command my body, own it, make it yours. I want it to be yours. Knowing that when you do, I won't be able to stop myself from coming apart, from coming. For you.

Posted by SD at 11:31 AM


  1. Anonymous pile0nades posted at 12:14 PM, May 31, 2006  
    Oooh, so hot!
  2. Blogger Dane posted at 6:58 PM, May 31, 2006  
    How eerie is this? I was going to title my "moist" post from today "anticipation" but changed my mind at the last minute...yours, of course, is far hotter, love. And I can't wait
  3. Blogger SD posted at 8:45 PM, May 31, 2006  
    Awww, thanks, pile0nades!

    Dane, my love--Hmm, that is a bit eerie, huh? Well, great minds think alike, I suppose. And it is *not* hotter! Having you as my louffa, my soap and my shower head is a delectable image. Yummy indeed. And I can't wait either. I'm back to wishing time would fly.
  4. Blogger Nina posted at 8:57 PM, May 31, 2006  
    " Exploring me. Softly. Slowly. Teasingly"

    There is no greater pleasure of the flesh than the soft, gentle, lovers touch.
    Angel, again you have whispered my desires right into my dreams.

  5. Blogger SD posted at 9:02 PM, May 31, 2006  
    And what a lovely place to be, gorgeous, it ranks right up there with slipping into your open window.
  6. Blogger Aragorn posted at 5:06 AM, June 01, 2006  
    So beautifully concentrated and intense ... so you these words. Thanks !
  7. Blogger Jeff posted at 12:33 PM, June 02, 2006  
    This is beautiful sweetpea, just like you.
  8. Blogger girlzoot posted at 9:32 AM, June 03, 2006  
    Lovely stuff. Very wet and throbbing.
  9. Anonymous Arthur posted at 10:18 AM, June 03, 2006  
    I liked this much better.

    By the way, I'm the Arthur you followed up on, on another blog. I'm busy tagging erotica sites for inspiration. I have two others and have decided to tag you as my third.

    I thought this was written beautifully. Though I've never been a big fan of the words pussy and clit. Hard words to find replacements for however.;/

    Here's a site you might find interesting by the way.

    Ferri Tales

    I think it has a lot to offer for the writers of erotica. I found it about a week ago.

    I look forward to seeing more of your entries.


  10. Blogger Jeff posted at 8:33 PM, June 03, 2006  
    My Arthur,

    You do get around, don't you. Ever been to Austin?

    - Jeff

    (Bagged, Tagged, Flagged)
  11. Anonymous Arthur posted at 10:31 PM, June 03, 2006  
    hiya Jeff,

    lol... yes it would seem so - re getting around. But honestly this is the only other site I've posted on. When I realized the names were links to other blogs I started following them around and I ran into this one and I really loved the way sd writes. I read Shadows Blending - her external link... wow what a great read. This whole erotica blogging scene is entirely new to me. I think it is a beautiful trend. I unfortunately have seemed to get off to bad start but alas the first step is always the hardest.

    Re. Austin no. I'm in Vegas.

    Take care,

  12. Blogger Jeff posted at 12:01 AM, June 04, 2006  

    I think you have a lot to learn about women and the strength of their friendships, as well as erotica and erotica writers in general.

    SD is an extremely close friend of myself, and Nina. You know, that Lazy Geisha who deballed you earlier after you attacked her writing?

    It's funny Arthur, you claim to be a writer, and you seem to have opinions about what is good and what isn't, yet none of us are afforded the opportunity to view your work and offer our own critique.

    Might I suggest; I think it would be a wise move on your part to refrain from attacking other writers, (especially women), until you have the balls to put your own work out there and have others take shots at you.

    Until you're able to be that fearless, I don't think anyone is going to be interested in what you think, or what you have to say.
  13. Blogger Nina posted at 4:23 AM, June 04, 2006  
    Good morning gorgeous! Thank you for writing this post now up on Lazy Geisha in response to the comment left by Arthur.

    I think you have so eloquently said everything that needed to be said.

    Love ya,
  14. Blogger O posted at 7:30 AM, June 04, 2006  
    I was popping by to tell you how much I liked your post over on Nina, (I said so there also). But actually now I just want to comment on this post! holy mary, mother of fuck...(as we used to say in my old catholic school, not being very lady-like)...This post was great!
    It's just got this very focussed intensity to it; I don't quite know how to say what I want to say right now. But I really love it.

  15. Anonymous Arthur posted at 10:08 AM, June 04, 2006  
    G'suz Jeff you couldn't just let it be, could you. You had to bring it over here. Y'know in my opinion that shows the utmost of disrespect for both of your 'good' friends.

    Re. Nina
    The fact that you have to man up to the plate for Nina illustrates to me your immaturity and frustations and this eerie feeling that you think she can't fight her own battles. She doesn't need a knight in shining armor.

    Re. SD
    This is her home. Her blog. It's not anybody else's so you start out with some sly comment about where I am from and then after I reply "in a friendly manner" you bring up bad blood. I saw your comment on the other blog. It was posted before I posted my reply. You didn't have to bring it here. But you did.

    Now here's what happens... I am a person who is very busy and does not like to waste my time on long and drawn out blog discussions.

    But because I have this unfortunate inability to resist responding when I'm addressed (actually a function of courtesy) I am forced to make a decision. Do I stay and discuss or do I go?

    It's easy, my time's too important, there's other erotica on the net.

    So now thanks to you. SD lost one reader.

    And regarding your comment on writing, if you knew anything at all about writing you would know that 99% of writers' critics are not writers.

    And the (especially women) line. Good God man, what are you thinking... that these are helpless little whelps that can't handle criticism or sarcasm? They are writers... it doesn't matter what sex they are.

    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.

    My Jeff.

    I'll leave you with that.

  16. Blogger Jeff posted at 10:36 PM, June 04, 2006  
    Hey Arty,

    Had you actually bothered to read this blog or Nina's you would know exactly who I am to both Nina and SD. Dumbass.

    Keep running your mouth stupid, I couldn't get this kind of entertainment if I were paying for it.

    Oh, and yeah, when were you going to show us your writing??? I know we're all dying to read you!

    "So now thanks to you. SD lost one reader."

    In your dreams!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!

    I'll catch you later Arty...

    - Henchman Number 1
  17. Blogger Pete posted at 10:44 PM, June 04, 2006  
    Hey Artie you bitch, I just got one question for you...

    Choose one to describe how you feel right now:

    1) Squeakin from the freakin?
    2) Oikin from the boinkin?
    3) Squealin from the feelin?

    Kid, these girls bent you over and assfucked you with a strap-on big enough for my ex-girlfriend to feel it. And you could land a 747 in that slut!!

    You are so Nina's and SD's bitch now! HAHAHA!!!

    Henchman Number 2

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