Sunday, June 04, 2006

Anticipation: Part II...

To softly rub my cheeks and my chin and my lips against the velvety skin of your cock. So hot and so impossibly hard. Knowing that when I do, I won't be able to stop my hands from coming up to wrap around all that hot, hard, velvety skin. Loving you. Learning you. Knowing you.

To lightly run my fingers from base to tip, stopping to trace the tiny eye with the very tip of my finger before moving back down, transfixed by the rhythmic beat of your cock as my fingers move over your skin. Knowing that when I do, I won't be able to stop myself from leaning into you, my tongue stretching out to trace the pattern my fingers just made.

To slide my tongue unabashedly up, down, over and around the rigid length of your cock in long wide strokes, soft feathery caresses, light teasing flicks, feeling the beat of your pulse; a steady tattoo against my tongue. Knowing that when I do, I won't be able to stop my hand from slipping in between my own thighs to press wantonly against my aching pussy.

To take you, inch by divine inch, into my mouth until I can take no more. Filled. Completely. Joined. Intimately. Your cock blending into my mouth until it is impossible to tell where I begin and you end. Connected. Knowing that when I do, I won't have the will to stop my own fingers from pressing deep inside myself.

To wrap my hand tightly around the base of your shaft while I continue to make love to you with my mouth, waiting, longing, needing you to come apart, to come. For me. Knowing that when you do, my own surrender of self--mind, body, soul--will begin... powerful, raw, uninhibited and pure, solidifying the bond of love and trust, lust and passion, want and need which connects us.

Posted by SD at 4:22 PM


  1. Blogger Jeff posted at 10:26 PM, June 04, 2006  
    You have always been one of my favorite writers. We have had many discussions about the art form of erotica and how each of us chooses to approach it. You convey such longing emotion and pure 'want' to connect with your lover that it's impossible to resist reading you over and over again. Tremendous work and excruciatingly hot as always!

    - jeff
  2. Blogger Desire X posted at 8:47 PM, June 05, 2006  
    This was incredibly erotic!
    I have a whole visual image in my head now that just won't go away- without a little help.

    Beautifully written too.
    I love your command.
  3. Blogger Nina posted at 7:00 AM, June 06, 2006  
    Morning Angel,
    Like I told you, your words are music, and now a rather dreary Tuesday, has become so much better because I will hear this song in my head all day.
    I hope He knows what a lucky guy he is to have such a beautiful woman desire him so...
    This kind of desire is beyond the physical and enters the spiritual realm. To desire someone so fully with body and soul is all there is. One without the other is merely half the song, the music without the words.
    You my angel, are the whole symphony, and in your words I can hear the notes of your love so clear.

    Love you...
  4. Blogger Dane posted at 4:20 PM, June 06, 2006  
    Nina, there is no doubt in my mind or heart that I'm fortunate to share the love of this woman.

    Darling, this was beautiful, and I love you.
  5. Anonymous Piper posted at 4:31 PM, June 07, 2006  
    What a wonderfully erotic post. I enjoyed it immensely. Well, I always enjoy your writing.
  6. Blogger SD posted at 9:27 PM, June 10, 2006  
    Jeff, my friend... Yes, we have had many talks about erotica in all it's wonderful forms and you know, there are a limited number of people who's opinion of my writing truly matters or makes an impact of any kind, yours is definitely one of them. Thank you, sweets.

    Desire-X... Help, you say? Well, any little thing I can do (*wink*). And thank you for the lovely comment.

    Nina... Yes, He does know, just as I know how lucky I am to be loved by him in return. I do desire him, all of him; mind, body and soul, with all of me; mind, body and soul. And yes, without that, the song would be incomplete and what's a song without the words? Thank you, gorgeous.

    Dane, my love... You've gone and made me all squishy inside and it's good--very very good. Thank you, baby. I love you too.

    Piper... Thank you, sweetness. Sincerely. And I always enjoy yours too, very much.
  7. Blogger Aragorn posted at 11:49 AM, June 11, 2006  
    Hot, exciting and wonderfully written ... So glad you are inspired and are sharing these hot thoughts with us. No inhibitions ... wonderful ...

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