Thursday, December 01, 2005

Erotica Defined.

Erotica: Literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.

To me, erotica is like a love, a lover, a friend, a savior. It is a way to express my feelings, my desires, my wants, my needs, my insecurities and my fears regarding my sexuality through words that aren't meant to merely arouse your sexual desires but to stimulate your mind as well, to make you feel. And I read erotica for pretty much the same reasons that I write it. To feel.

So, what I'm dying to know is... why do you read and/or write erotica, what does it mean to you?

And since I appear to be fixated on erotica at the moment, I should probably give you some, huh?

This was written for someone that arouses my desire, stimulates my mind and makes me feel all kinds of wonderful things.

The melodic timbre of your voice echoes through my head mercilessly, tormenting me. Oh, how I want you. Not just your voice, but all of you ...your hands, your mouth, your cock. My eyes shutter closed and your image merges with the sound of your voice in my head. Bliss.

I lean back in my chair, prop my feet on the very edge of my desk, part my thighs and slide my hand down over my stomach, moving lower to slip my fingers underneath the soft cotton of my panties and lower still to touch the swollen lips of my pussy. I'm already wet, aching, ready, my whole body a tight ball of need throbbing for release, longing for you.

I tease the soft wet lips of my pussy, trailing my fingers from top to bottom and back again before moving down to press one then two fingers deep inside myself. My thumb lightly brushes my clit as my fingers begin to move inside me... pressing in, pulling out ... and I stop to slowly circle the sensitive bundle of nerves with the soft pad of my thumb.

In my mind, I can still hear you, still see you... your mouth, your tongue, your hands, your fingers, your cock ...on me, in me. Oh God, it's too much. My knees come together, trapping my fingers inside and I arch my back as I come, chanting your name.

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  1. Blogger Aragorn posted at 8:52 PM, December 01, 2005  
    This is so you, so your writing, so yummy, sensitive, condensed and deeply erotic. Welcome ‘back’ dear SD ... Hope you are well. - A
    (P.S. ever feel like guest posting an erotic story on Sexty9Ways ?)
  2. Blogger Evilicious Blonde posted at 7:50 PM, December 02, 2005  
    That was beautiful. I love your writing.

    *happy sigh*
  3. Blogger Jeff posted at 4:14 AM, December 06, 2005  
    Oh my...

    Well, hmmm... guess where I'm spending Christmas?

    This is hot SD...
  4. Blogger SD posted at 10:09 AM, December 06, 2005  
    Aragorn... Thank you, darling!! I'm not "back" back yet but I am well. And of course! I'd be thrilled to guest post on Sexty9Ways! Anytime.

    Blondage... Thank you for the lovely comment!! And you know, I'm still in awe of your audio post. Very yummy stuff.

    Jeff... FL?? Yeah?? For real?? And thank you, sweets, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Blogger Quazirob posted at 1:40 PM, December 06, 2005  
    Erotica: For me it’s about getting the brain involved. “leaving something for the imagination” and allowing it to take it’s course in my head.

    Allowing my brain to direct the other senses, specifically the non- tactile such as sight and sound.

    The sight of one more button being opened, the sound of a deep quivering breath being drawn, the skirt rising to reveal supple hips. Hot!
  6. Blogger SD posted at 6:38 AM, December 07, 2005  
    Very nice, quazirob, very nice indeed. Thank you.
  7. Blogger Aragorn posted at 10:38 AM, December 07, 2005  
    Glad you are well. Consider the guest blog an open invitation, to be used whenever you are ready, anyway, anytime. Hugs - A
  8. Blogger Sasha White posted at 12:31 PM, December 11, 2005  
    I have to say I write it because it help me feel free. It somehows just seems to be part of me.

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