Friday, November 11, 2005


Seeing as the phrase "Cocksucking 101" still garners numerous search engines hits on the daily, I figured I'd go ahead and reincarnate it for your viewing pleasure. But first, I have a question...

Are there really people out there legitimately looking for a class on cocksucking?

Enquiring minds (mainly mine) want to know.

One of these days, I'll write something new and maybe, just maybe we'll hold that class on cocksucking that was requested from a few of you lovely people but in the mean time, let's revisit an oldie but apparently goodie...

J recently issued a challenge...

So…I want to throw down a challenge…I want the BEST blowjob/hand job by any of you. As you know from my blog, I love to face fuck and get my cock worshipped. And have REALLY been getting into showing off my cock. So. I want any of you to post and tell me why you are such a good cocksucker.

And since I never could resist a challenge...

Of course, I've never been any good at conforming to rules so, instead of describing my best blowjob, I've decided to impart my knowledge on all of you lovely people.

Welcome to 'Cocksucking 101'.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the show and by all means, feel free to participate.

I love cock and since (sadly) I don't have one, everything -- texture, weight, feel, smell, taste -- about that glorious creature fascinates me. There are times when I'm eye level with A's cock and I just want to lean forward and sink my teeth into all that hot, hard, smooth flesh (not a good idea, by the way, a little nibbling maybe but no biting). I don't know why but there's just something so elemental about taking a cock into my mouth and feasting on all that delicious flesh.Yum.

Let's begin, shall we?

Soft or hard? It doesn't matter, wrapping your lips around a soft cock and feeling it come to life in your mouth is extremely sexy. Try it, you'll like it.

And once you've got it where you want it, start slow... teasing nibbles, feathery kisses, delicate licks, breathy whispers, soft hums. Don't be afraid to play, the receiver of all that playfulness will thank you (trust me).Work your way up to more aggressive licks... try flattening your tongue and dragging it up, from base to tip, stopping briefly to circle the head (or glans, if you want to be proper) with the very tip of your tongue before moving back down. Lots of tongue is always a good thing.And don't ignore his balls. Some guys don't like their balls touched or licked during oral sex but most do. Be gentle with them but make sure they get some attention too... gentle sucking, soft caressing, light rubbing ... cup them in your palm and massage them delicately, run your tongue lightly over them, take them into your mouth and suck softly. All good things.

Now comes the sucking part (Mmm)... wrap your lips around the head (and remember plenty of suction is a key ingredient here) -- watch the teeth (they're no fun or so I've been told) -- and slide on down, taking him as deep as you can before sliding your mouth back up the length of his cock. Now, I'm a hand and mouth girl. I rarely suck cock without wrapping my hand around the base. There are a couple reasons for that... #1. I can control how deep I take his cock into my mouth AND #2. A little stroking while your lips and tongue focus on the head is always nice. And if you're in a position where both hands are free, then use your other hand to stimulate his balls (or other areas... his perineum, his ass, his thighs, his chest) while you're sucking and stroking his cock.

Now comes the rough part. When the fuck is he going to cum? Your lips are numb, your jaws are sore, your hand is cramped and you have a kink in your neck that you'll probably be feeling for days and he still hasn't cum. What's with that? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but some guys just don't cum during oral, it's a pity and all but that's the breaks. All that fretting and un-needed pain isn't necessary. Don't worry about it. Making him cum shouldn't be the main focus, there are other ways to achieve that. Just enjoy him... his taste... his feel... his smell... Showing him that you appreciate, adore and love his cock is more than enough. I swear. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Now go on... practice, practice, practice (and let me know how it cums out -- sorry, couldn't help myself).


Posted by SD at 12:46 PM


  1. Blogger figleaf posted at 1:36 PM, November 11, 2005  
    "Don't worry about it. Making him cum shouldn't be the main focus, there are other ways to achieve that. Just enjoy him... his taste... his feel... his smell... Showing him that you appreciate, adore and love his cock is more than enough. I swear. I wouldn't steer you wrong."

    Hi SD,

    Thanks! That's the best advice ever! I rarely come from oral but I don't love getting it any less for that. It still feels wonderful and sometimes even transcendental. It's wonderful foreplay and (as I've recently mentioned) intercourse with someone who's mouth is still plump and hot and kissable after fellatio is... indescribably erotic.

    You definitely don't need to crick your neck or sprain your jaw waiting for something to happen. There are other ways.
  2. Blogger E-E posted at 5:39 PM, November 13, 2005  
    wow, hot, lady! hot!

    I have learned from you before and I'm goin' there again!

    I CANNOT wait to practice!!

  3. Blogger Aragorn posted at 12:43 PM, November 14, 2005  
    Salacious, it is so nice to see this again, as this was one of the posts that I picked to ‘advertise’ (seduce ?) your site to Orchid ... I remember reading it and thinking, “ah, this is so what an erotic blog is about”. Marvelous.
    As to your inquisitive question ... I have no idea. But (!), here is a twist in the question: “are there any men out there that think their partners could (should) take a class in cock sucking ?”. I think you would get a different response. My preferred erotica book store (EPS) has a nice little booklet on this topic, it is really cute with wonderful pictures ... (, and the infamous HBO series “Real Sex” has an episode dedicated to blow job tips ... so, there must be something to it ...
    Keep going.
    Hugs - A
  4. Blogger Evilicious Blonde posted at 6:31 PM, November 14, 2005  
    Loved this post.

    You really should teach a class.

    GREAT tips!!!!

  5. Blogger Danica posted at 10:17 AM, November 16, 2005  
    Fabulous advice.
    I love the way you think.

    Keep thinking.. never stop!

  6. Blogger SD posted at 1:45 PM, November 17, 2005  
    You're welcome, figleaf! And thank you for linking this post to yours.

    That's a fabulous idea, aragorn! I think I'll have to do that!

    emerald-eyes, I'm the voyeuristic type, you know so I must hear more about this practicing ou speak of (*wink*).

    blondage... Thanks and maybe... BTW, my hats off to you on your audio post. You've got more courage than I do! It was very sexy.

    Danica... Thank you and I'll certainly try (*wink*).
  7. Blogger j posted at 5:03 PM, November 17, 2005  
    ahhh yes, i remember it well.

    the only thing i think most women should learn, is how to take a big dick deep in their throat, fast, hard, drooling all over their tits, feeling it slide over her clit, eyes tearing up. wanting more.

    sorry...ha...but no, i think a blowjob is a personal thing. each one is different, i ALWAYS ask the woman to let me have her best blowjob the first time she wraps her lips around my cock. and almost EVERY time i have cum and found a couple of hot things that drive me insane.


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