Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Compliments of...

Us. And since I can never think of anyone to tag for these things, I'll just leave it open to whomever wishes to do it. Enjoy.

Why did you start blogging?

Honestly? As a form of marriage counseling (or therapy for lovers, if you will). Out of all of the problems in my marriage, sex was one of the most bitter so I started this blog in an effort to try and repair, improve and expand our sex lives without actually having to physically go to marriage counseling. Confused? Well, basically, I took our sexual experiences and wrote them out, occasionally adding something(s) that I felt was missing or lacking and then I'd let him read what I'd written to let him see how I felt about it. Unfortunately, it didn't work because sex was only one in a legion of problems and improving that did nothing for the rest.

Have you ever wanted to meet a blogger in person?

Mmm, yes, there is this one that I would absolutely love to meet.

Have you ever met a blogger in person?

No, I haven't.

Have you ever spoken to one on the phone?

No, haven't done that either. I've talked to a bloggers voice mail but not the actual blogger. And a blogger has talked to my answering machine but not actually me. But hopefully someday I'll get to talk to a real live blogger. Who knows?

Do you have more than one blog?

Yes, I have this one and I also have a personal blog that isn't exactly G rated but it's certainly not NC17.

Where do your ideas for posts come from?

Up there underneath the title, it reads... That surreal place between fantasy and reality ...and that's precisely it. Some of what I write is reality taken from the sexual experiences I share(d) with my partner and some is merely fantasy -- images, dreams, desires, needs -- that I long to make reality.

Have you ever fallen for another blogger?

Fallen for? Yes.

How many blogs do you read?

I read a whole myraid of blogs (if I've linked to your blog, I read your blog) but honestly, there are only a handful that I read religiously (as in daily).

What do you like to read in a blog?

If it captivates or stimulates me, whether it be mentally or physically, in any way, I'll read it.

Are there blogs you shy away from?

I'm pretty liberal in what I read but any blog (or site) involving nonconsensual sex and/or sexual activity involving minors isn't something I want anything to do with. Aside from those, not particularly.

Why do you keep writing?

I haven't been writing all that much lately because the current state of my sexual life isn't conducive to anything worth reading but when I get back on the proverbial horse, I'll do it because writing, for me, is therapeutic, it's a passion, it's something that I love do and something I simply can't fathom not doing.

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  1. Blogger Raven in NYC (aka Mark) posted at 10:25 AM, November 17, 2005  
    I'm gonna borrow this and do it on my blog. don't be surprised if the answers are very similar ;-)
  2. Blogger SD posted at 1:47 PM, November 17, 2005  
    No problem ;)

    Let me know when it's up.
  3. Blogger Freya posted at 2:37 PM, November 19, 2005  
    I boosted this from you, doll. It's one of the more fun memes making its way across the WWW.
  4. Blogger Aragorn posted at 5:55 AM, November 22, 2005  
    Thanks SD, a great read. As for meeting a blogger ... sharing your thoughts and Orchid and I are playing with ideas on this ...

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