Thursday, June 22, 2006

Checkmate--Game Over (Asexual Post).

Jealousy: Hostility toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage.

I've always hated that word, it's ugly and pointless, but alas, it happens to be a part of almost every persons vocabulary and there isn't a bloody thing I can do about that, is there? No, there isn't.

But what I can do is address the issues some maniacal, narcissistic, egotistical and I suspect psychotic person and/or persons have with that rather childish emotion in regards to myself, my blog(s) and those whom I love.

People who have a predilection for playing God annoy me, they really do. Why? Because us mere mortals always end up caught in the crossfire, shoveling shit that isn't ours to shovel and some poor unsuspecting and blissfully innocent soul always ends up getting hurt because someone decided their ego needed a bit of a stroking. Pardon my language, but fuck that.

I sat back and watched while some asshole parodied blogs and compromised peoples real life identities because apparently their goodies just weren't enough to fill the cookie jar and they weren't having that shit. Well, guess what? That's life--deal! You don't go trying to fuck up other peoples "real" lives and chase them off the internet because you're apparently not as good a fuck as you thought you were. You don't own the fucking internet for fucks sake--no one does. Really, who the fuck do some people think they are? Anonymity as far as blogging goes, especially sex blogging, is a personal choice and I imagine there are a vast amount of reasons people do it. For me, it's not a personal need to protect my identity, but more of an "it's more mysterious" thing. If my anonymity were blown today it wouldn't affect me one way or the other, I have nothing to hide, most, if not all, of my family and friends know that this blog exists (most have the URL) and pretty much all of them know about my relationship with
Dane. But it's not like that for everyone and for someone to take it upon themselves to start "outing" people because it feeds their God complex is disgusting.

And now, after enduring that disgusting display of narcissism, I have to sit back and watch some "anonymous" commenter go around spreading their ignorance in some childish smear campaign they've launched out of envy or spite or any other number of bullshit issues against ménage à trois
and the women affiliated (myself included) with that blog.

Sorry, folks, not this time. I refuse to sit back and watch this time around, I'm jumping in head first and sink or swim, no more bullshit games, no more playing God and no more jealous attacks of insecurity launched our way.

You wanna play, let's play.

Posted by SD at 12:05 PM


  1. Blogger Pete posted at 1:28 PM, June 22, 2006  
    Damn skippy yo.

  2. Blogger Nina posted at 2:55 PM, June 22, 2006  

    Somehow I feel like I have brought this to your door, albiet not by my choice, I have in the past, not cared to particapate in the politics of blogging. Perhaps this was my mistake, believing that we all were one big happy community, offering glimpses into our lives. I don't remember inviting anyone to make moral assesments on my or my baby's behavior. We are certainly responsible for ourselves and as with all things, we are not perfect.

    But I take great offense to being called hypocritical. adj : professing feelings or virtues one does not have.

    We have and will continue to be open and honest and above all gratefull to all of our dear friends whom when called upon in my time of need, came to my aid without question nor comment on how I conduct my busines on my blog, they just came.

    In so far as my critic has chosen to remain anonymous and rather than come to me with any issues they may have, go behind my back and try to smear my name and reputation with their disgusting "hypocritical" behavior.

    For the record, I know exactly who you are.

    Angel, what can I say, you have been more than a friend, you are truly my soul sister and I love you dearly.

    Thank you beautiful, for everything.

  3. Blogger Sal posted at 7:13 AM, June 23, 2006  
    If any of you three beautiful classy ladies, ever need any help, just ask!
  4. Blogger Dane posted at 7:28 PM, June 23, 2006  
    Is it wrong of me to be a little turned on by the fntasy of you three laying "anonymous" out with a bit of a smack-down?
  5. Blogger Sasha White posted at 4:03 AM, June 25, 2006  
    Okay, I'm obviously behind again. But WTF is going on? I'm more than happy to stand up for you babe, I love that you and others are so open and willing to share so much with us. Anyone who has issues with this can bend over soI can kick thier ass.
  6. Blogger Lone Sloan Delirius posted at 11:02 PM, July 03, 2006  
    Hey, to the jerk that's been causing all the trouble who might read this. I'm a LSD girl and there's eight LSD people who are the smartest group of guys and gals I know.
    You're in pain, you hurt, your mother told you she can't love a monster like you and you've never been able to let it go.
    What's the matter with you. You can't get enough attention that you've got to go pick on women who get what you can't have?
    Nina,Tricia and SD are backed up by LSD men who know quality when they see and read it. Whatever you have to say can't win in a debate with them, trust me, there is nothing that these guys don't know. And what they do know is that women with ideas who want to grow and experience all that life has to offer in positive ways should be supported, not mistreated. If you were any kind of a real man, you would know that, but since you're not, I guess all you can do is pout and suck your thumb. Take my advice, whenever you make visits to SD or Lazy Geisha try and remember to keep quiet, the big kids are talking.
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