Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This was written for someone who shall remain nameless unless he wishes otherwise...

My knees dig into your hips, holding you in place and I gently drop my hips down, taking you... inch by glorious inch ...inside me.

I run my hands up over my stomach until they're covering my breasts and close my eyes as I silently absorb the pleasure of having you inside me... filling me.


I slowly twirl my hips, just a slight twist and my walls instinctively tighten around you... a hot, wet, velvet fist ...trapping you within me. I lift my hips up and your cock slides out of me, leaving only your tip still pressed inside.

Your hands come up to cover mine over my breasts and I can't help but drop my eyes down to where your body is merged with mine.

And it's beautiful.

I take my hands from under yours and lean back, placing them on the bed. I arch my back and slide back down until you're buried fully inside me again a
nd slowly ride us to completion.

Posted by SD at 1:54 PM


  1. Blogger Jeff posted at 6:38 PM, September 27, 2005  
    Very hot Psyche! Indeed!
  2. Blogger Aragorn posted at 9:22 PM, September 27, 2005  
    The beauty of bodies merging, of hands meeting, of luscious lips around a hard penis ... To let go and surrender in passionate love-making. Beautiful words SD, beautiful.
  3. Blogger GPV posted at 2:05 AM, September 29, 2005  
    Nice and sweet loving.
  4. Blogger jaded j posted at 8:40 AM, September 29, 2005  
    damn nice!
  5. Blogger Demon Queen posted at 12:00 AM, September 30, 2005  
    Now this is just another example of why I keep coming back.
    Your inspiration never fails to excite my imagination.

    Thank SD, beautiful as always!
  6. Blogger Evilicious Blonde posted at 9:14 PM, October 01, 2005  
    mmmMMMmmm....that was lovely!

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