Sunday, July 10, 2005

Free your mind and your ass will follow.

Remember when I said... Oral sex isn't exactly taboo in my house but it's not something that occurs very often, if we take that way of thinking and put it toward, oh, let's say -- anal sex... then well, we'd have to say that... Anal sex isn't exactly taboo in my house, oh no, it's more like a rare delicacy to be savored because the frequency at which this delicacy is offered is very (and I mean very) few and far between.

I've never been a huge proponent of anal, not because I feel it's bad, wicked, evil -- to be honest, before I relented to my husbands wishes and gave it a go, I was intrigued by it -- but because I was absolutely, utterly and completely terrified of it. Call me a wimp if you must but just the thought of it left me a whimpering, whining puddle of useless mess.

But here's the problem... this rare delicacy that's printed (in very small print) on the very last page, all the way at the bottom of my sexual menu appears to be moving up to entree status on various other menus worldwide.

What's a girl to do?

I'm on my knees, my upper body supported by pillows, my ass lined up perfectly with the rigid length of your cock and you thrust forward, your cock slipping through the delicate folds of my pussy, the head sliding up over my clit teasingly. Mmm, it feels so good. I'm wet... wanton... willing... ready... for anything. You jerk your hips back quickly and press forward, filling me to the hilt.


You reach up to grasp my hips, your fingers digging into my flesh and pull me back against you. My ass slaps against your pelvis and your cock embeds itself deeper inside me.

Oh fuck me. Yes.

"You like that baby?"



Visions of ass play dance mercilessly in my head. A plethora of anal sex posts flashing like neon signs through the lust filled crevices of my mind... taunting me.

You thrust forward again and I jerk my hips forward, away from you.


You stand poised, your cock resting against the soft skin on my upper thigh, your fingers flexing against my hips.

"What is it baby? Something wrong?"

"No. No, I just--"

Want you to fuck me in the ass. No. No. That will never do. I'm the champion at withholding ass sex, it takes massive amounts of begging and pleading for me to give it up and now I want it. Oh, what to say... what to say? I must go slow here because if I just blurt it out you're liable to go into cardiac arrest.

"Umm, I just... I want to... you know? Do the thing."

"The thing?"

"Yeah, you know... the thing."

"What thing?"

Oh for pity's sake, don't make me say it.

I push back against you roughly, pressing my ass against your pelvis, "The THING."

"Oh. That thing. You want to? Really?"

"Yes. Really."


"Baby, please..."

"You're sure?"


You pull me back against you and slide your cock back through my folds to coat yourself with the dewy moisture seeping from my core. You move back up and run the head of your cock between my cheeks, using my essence to moisten the area. You slide back down, stopping at the tiny puckered hole and press the tip of your cock against it. I tense slightly, bracing myself for the pain and you feel it. You pull back.

"We don't have to do this baby."

"No, I want to. Please."

I push my ass back against you to let you know I mean what I say. You realign yourself and slowly push into me, stopping every inch to allow me to adjust to your invasion until you're buried fully inside me.

I close my eyes, free my mind and fight to relax as you begin to move inside me... slowly, softly, gently. You're always so gentle with me.

"You okay?"


And I am. The pain isn't there this time. It feels... good.

You pull almost completely out and press back in, your pelvis slapping against my ass as you increase the pace of your thrusts. That corner of my mind that still expects pain begins to ebb and I start to push back against you every time you press forward.

Oh, this is... Fuck.

"Feels good."

I feel your fingers dig deeper into my skin and a moan slips past my lips. I love pleasing you. I'm a tad selfish from time to time but there's nothing more thrilling than knowing that I please you.

"Touch yourself."

Your words are strained and a shiver of excitement courses through me, piercing my core. I move my hand underneath me and slide my fingers through my pussy, pressing one, then two inside me. Fuck, it feels... incredible. I bring my thumb up to rub over my engorged clit while my fingers continue to dip in and out of me.

A cock in my ass, fingers in my pussy and a thumb on my clit. Oh...


I'm going to cum, I can feel it clawing through me like a trapped animal fighting for freedom.

"Cum. I'm going to cum."

You groan and jerk my hips back, holding me against you and I feel you begin to pulse inside me.

Oh, that's it, right there. Yes.

I've never cum during anal sex before, hell, I've never even enjoyed it. It was merely something I did (sparingly) to please him. The first time, though it was beautiful because of his gentleness, hurt like hell and every time after that was equally as painful. I couldn't relax, no matter how many times I tried to force myself to relax and just enjoy the act, I couldn't do it, I was usually sprung so tight it's a wonder I didn't spontaneously combust. But this time, I was determined to stop over thinking, to free my mind and just enjoy the ride. And I did.

Now, I can't say that because I enjoyed it this time, I'll be a spokesperson for anal lovin'. But I've decided to move it up to appetizers on my sexual menu and who knows, with a little time and whole lot of practice it could work it's way up to entree status.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:37 AM, July 11, 2005  
    Oh my giddy aunt. that was incredible
  2. Blogger Jeff posted at 1:33 AM, July 11, 2005  
    Oh My!

    Yes, quite a gift...
  3. Blogger Evil Minx posted at 2:49 AM, July 11, 2005  
    It seems like everyone I read is on the same page regarding anal sex at the moment. Great stuff.

    Excellent post...

    Pandora xxx
  4. Blogger Aragorn posted at 8:19 AM, July 11, 2005  
    omg ... You did it again ... Exciting, passionate, and damn beautiful writing ! Believe me, I now have a 'subscription' to your site ...
    And, thanks for appreciating our advertisement of your site ... don't be 'touched', just keep writing this great stuff ... ;-)
  5. Anonymous ABitDifferent posted at 6:17 AM, July 13, 2005  
    I am in awe as to how you refused to give up until you found hat pleasure in anal. Amazing stuff! I've never heard of anyone so determined to get pleasure out of something they just don't like. I am very glad for you!!
  6. Blogger db posted at 6:06 AM, July 15, 2005  
    THAT was amazing.

    It took my wife quite some time before she was willing to try it, but I made sure to pay that area some "special" attention frequently, and she was soon willing to try it.

    Now, we are both glad that she did. Though, it's still a delicacy...
  7. Blogger SD posted at 11:13 AM, July 15, 2005  
    anon... LOL. Thank you.

    Jeff... You touch me, as always. Thank you.

    Pandora... Yes, I've noticed that too. Thank you love.

    aragorn... Awww, now you've made me blush. Thank you, I will do my absolute best to try and always write great stuff ;)

    abitdifferent... Thank you. There are some things out there that terrify me but I'll pretty much try anything once and if it pleases my partner than I'll make an effort to find some pleasure out of it.

    db... Thank you. I thought your recent post was amazing as well. Very yummy. It's been moved to appetizers in our house but it's a long way from entree status. I understand your wife's reluctance but I'm glad that you two have since broken through the reluctance. It can be very pleasurable if done right.
  8. Blogger Simme posted at 7:49 AM, July 16, 2005  
    I have yet to have a positive anal experience, I try to relax, but can't quite enjoy it. Lots of my friends regularly enjoy anal, but I am yet to enjoy it myself. Your description was so sexy, and beautifully described.
    Perhaps you could offer some advice?
  9. Blogger Chicken Little posted at 4:57 PM, July 16, 2005  
    Laugh if you want to, but I'm not meeting men who enjoy this.
  10. Blogger 81 Vaginas posted at 8:34 AM, July 20, 2005  
    wonderfully written.
    quotable, in fact.
  11. Blogger SD posted at 8:34 PM, July 22, 2005  
    simme... Thank you for the compliment. I have issues with relaxing and honestly, that was the first time that I enjoyed anal. We've tried it again since then and altough it was as pleasurable, I can feel myself getting more comfortable with the act.

    I'm not quite ready to offer advice yet but once I get to a place where I can fully relax enjoy it every time, I might just do that :)

    chicken little... Why would I laugh? I'd imagine there are men out there that don't find anal appealing. Sexual preferences vary from person to person, that's what makes sex so much fun to explore.

    81 v's... As always, you make me blush. You write so poignantly, so beautifully that I can't help but lose myself everytime I enter your world.

    Thank you.

  12. Blogger Prospero posted at 8:39 PM, July 22, 2005  
    Very nice. Sadly, anal is in such small type on my partner's sexual menu that it disappears for way too long. I think I'll leave her this under her pillow... ;)
  13. Blogger SD posted at 8:57 PM, July 22, 2005  
    prospero... Thank you.

    It's working it's way up mine (slowly).

    I hope a little surprise under her pillow works ;)


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