Wednesday, March 29, 2006


NOTE: There were comments on this post, but I lost them because my web designer, Jeff, that prince of a man was in here fixing my template and for some reason that post was corrupted and was messing up my lovely template so it needed to be deleted. I'm sorry about the lost comments (it makes me sad), and the fact that this post is yet again at the top. Although, since I quite love the man it was written for, it doesn't bother me a bit.


We've never met and yet I am bound to you, completely--mentally, emotionally, physically; all of me, in every way.

I long for you.

Your mind (God, how I love your mind, it stimulates me, turns me on in ways you couldn't comprehend or maybe you could), connecting with mine. Talking, laughing, sharing, crying--I want that, all of it.

Your arms, wrapped around me, pulling me into you, holding me against you until our bodies fit together like two pieces of a puzzle who've finally found their mate.

Your hands (those gorgeous hands I adore so much), moving over me, manipulating me--my hair, my face, my breasts, my belly, my thighs; all of me, every single inch.

Your lips (have I ever mentioned that I adore those too? I do, but then again, I adore all of you, every part), pressing against mine, sliding down to skim over that same flesh your hands just manipulated.

Your tongue, soft and gentle, following the pattern your lips took across my body--tracing, laving, soothing, possessing me.

Your cock, hot and hard--in my hands, in my mouth, in my pussy--pressing against me, pressing into me, the heat, your heat, searing my flesh.

Simply, I want You. All of you.

P.S. Thank you for the inspiration, baby, I'm sorry it took almost a week to kick in. I love you.

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  1. Blogger Jeff posted at 4:42 PM, March 29, 2006  
    Anything for you sweetpea.
  2. Blogger Nina posted at 9:13 PM, March 30, 2006  
    Hmmm, I recall the words "I long for you", touching me so deeply. The intense passion here is extraordinary, as are you my sweet.

  3. Blogger Jeff posted at 4:36 PM, April 03, 2006  
    Yes! I remember too!

    "Simply. I want you. All of you"

    Yes, just like that. Lovely.

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