Tuesday, March 28, 2006


...way back in January, when I introduced you to Sexy Sasha's eZine Secret Thoughts, I said that you never knew when I'd be inclined to have my wicked way with Sexy Sasha and her Scrumptious eZine again (and again and again)? Well, I do believe that time has come...


So go on now, subscribe (to your left), it won't hurt, on the contrary, with all the fun erotic stories, articles and pictures you'll find in Secret Thoughts, it can only bring you pleasure--lots and lots of pleasure.

Posted by SD at 10:21 AM


  1. Blogger Nina posted at 3:22 PM, March 28, 2006  
    I just subscribed and can't wait to read it! I am so addicted to you and the passion in every word you write. I greedily swallow every last drop...umm, I mean word.

  2. Blogger Rex Venom posted at 5:26 PM, March 28, 2006  
    (Wandered from that Nina chick’s way cool blog). Wow! Subscriptions to pleasure! Sounds pretty tempting, but addictive too. And addictions, though fun, can be so lasting.
    But we shall see.
    Rock on!
  3. Blogger Jeff posted at 6:06 PM, March 28, 2006  
    I can't wait to get it! I'm sure it will be amazing! Just like you Psyche!

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