Saturday, April 01, 2006

Be gentle with me, it's my first time...

My ex-roommate (her and I no longer share living space but are still the best of friends) likes to taunt and tease me mercilessly because, as she puts it, I’m too insecure with my body to reveal or exhibit myself, which she thinks is silly because while I am a big girl, I’m not an unattractive one. I object to her taunts as I’ve posted a picture of my breasts twice, but as much as I object, in a very real way, she’s right. I admit it, I hate the way I look. And not liking the way you look breeds insecurity, it’s a vicious cycle, but one I’m fairly sure many women go through at various times in their life.

If I looked as she does...

There certainly wouldn’t be a problem. But sadly, the gods of shapeliness haven’t been that kind to me. Mores the pity, but what am I going to do?

Anyhow, since she vehemently insists that I’m too insecure to post a picture of myself that I feel would leave me vulnerable to negative criticism, I’m hellbent on proving her wrong (the bitch).

So because she said I wouldn’t do it--this is me, it’s only a small part of me, mind you, but it is the part of me that I’m most insecure about.

And I want to say that as a bigger than average woman, I know how hard it is to put yourself out there for fear of insults or worse rejection, but honestly, some of the most beautiful women I’ve met are women that, by most, would be considered overweight. Big can absolutely be beautiful, and I have the utmost respect for those women who know and embrace that. And even bigger respect for men who do.

Posted by SD at 8:16 PM


  1. Blogger SemperSexualis posted at 8:38 PM, April 01, 2006  
    I totally feel your pain. I think you look fine.
  2. Blogger Nina posted at 11:03 PM, April 01, 2006  
    My dearest SD,
    " the gods of shapeliness ", have truly bestowed their blessings upon you my luv!
    You are quite beautiful!

    All of us are forced to be so self critical of our beautiful bodies because society has decided that a woman is not attractive unless she looks like a some mans vision of the pefect female speciman.

    The 'God of Big Boobs, passed me by, but what the hell! They are all mine , no added ingredients. I would think one would rather have a hand full of luscious flesh, than a hand full of silicone. Okay, maybe a small hand full in my case. But you get my point.

    Please, never ever say you hate the way you look! YOU are exceptionaly beautiful and far more attractive than the so called 'average' woman.

    And now, on to more important things...
    whatever are we going to do about this fire...its burning me up!

    lots of love and kisses,
  3. Blogger AlwaysArousedGirl posted at 11:52 AM, April 02, 2006  
    Yep, I feel your pain too. You are gorgeous.
  4. Blogger Dane posted at 7:31 PM, April 02, 2006  
    Darling, yoiu look positively scruptious from what I can see. Lovely
  5. Blogger Freya posted at 1:58 PM, April 03, 2006  
    Sweet, we can be our own worst critics can't we?

    We have to love ourselves first, which is so difficult in a world where the idea is virtually unobtainable by all but the slimmest margin of women.

    But you are beautiful. Your mind, your heart, your words AND your body.

    I said so. So it must be true.
  6. Blogger Jeff posted at 4:35 PM, April 03, 2006  
    Psyche, you are beautiful. And I'm very proud of you for posting your pictures!!

    I will add something though;

    "A man does not love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because he loves her."


    For you, my sweetest of friends.
  7. Anonymous Sasha White posted at 11:01 AM, April 04, 2006  
    Women are meant tohave curves, to be shapely and yummylicious. You look very sexy and tempting!
  8. Blogger Heather posted at 2:24 AM, April 09, 2006  
    Can be so hard, but that is a good-looking picture anyhow.
    I hate the way I look (and have a best friend who is tiny as well) so I know how that can be.
    She knows you, sees you all the time--- my bet is she can see the truth better than you can (overcritical eyes inwards, and all)

    So, if you're keeping tally, add me to the "I feel your pain" camp.
  9. Blogger Jay posted at 6:20 PM, April 15, 2006  
    Being sexy isnt about what body you have or how you look. I am a man and I think a very goodlooking man and I am here to tell you that being sexy has everything to do with atitude work on being sexy for yourself in your mind and it will show to others
  10. Blogger girlzoot posted at 7:03 AM, April 22, 2006  
    Your bravery is inspiring.

    I have other things I would like to say, but as this is my first time here, and first time saying anything to you, I would like to simply say I'm impressed by your bravery.
  11. Blogger SD posted at 10:36 AM, April 22, 2006  
    Heather... Thank you for the lovely compliment and for adding your voice and support to my, "I feel your pain" campaign.

    And you, sweet Heather, are gorgeous.

    Jay... Well, I'm doing alright in the attitude department, I've got a good amount of the kind you're referring to and that's a step in the right direction.

    And thank you for your thoughtful comment. Sincerely.

    girlzoot... Awww, thank you so much, that was an absolutely lovely thing to say. Made me smile!

    And I do hope you'll come visit me again.


    And thought she didn't post a comment here, she sent me an e-mail instead, I'd like to thank LL for her very thoughtful, extremely beautiful e-mail. It meant a lot to me.

  12. Blogger Sal posted at 10:52 AM, June 19, 2006  
    Yes you did.

    SD, I understand that rejection part. I personally prefer a full figured woman.

    Just think of all the potential admirers you are denying the pleasure of enjoying your beauty. xo

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