Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sweet Surrender.

As promised...

Another piece from the archives of my salacious mind, written for
Dane some time in my not so distant past. Enjoy.

My back is pressed firmly against the wall, and your body is pressed firmly against mine, trapping me. You lean down and lightly rub your lips against mine before gently nipping at my bottom lip, your teeth scraping over the soft flesh as you pull it into your mouth.

I can feel a thundering begin in my loins as the desire--a desire you’ve evoked in me--slowly seeps through my veins.

"God." I breathe against your lips.

You reach in between us and slowly pull at the tie of my robe, tugging until it falls open, exposing me. You run your hands up over my breasts and then back down over my stomach, sliding down to slip one hand between my legs, cupping me.

"Please..." I moan into your mouth.

"Please, what?" You ask, running your fingers between the warm, wet folds of my pussy.

Your lips leave my mouth, moving down, you begin to trace the line between my jaw and my neck with the tip of your tongue.

"God, I want..." I drop my head back against the door as your fingers continue to slide over my aching flesh.

"What? What do you want?" You press a finger into me and I bite down hard on my lip, "This?" You bring your thumb up to brush across my clit, "Or is it this?"

My body is on fire. Sensations overlap sensations. I need...

"Fuck, please..."

"What, baby? Tell me what you want."

You press another finger into me and begin to methodically thrust them in and out of me.

"Oh God, I can't..."

You crouch down, sliding your tongue over my skin and stop to circle my nipple with the very tip, "Tell me."

"No, I..."

You pull my nipple into your mouth, trapping it between your teeth and begin to ruthlessly flick it with your tongue.

"Yes. You. Can."

You release my nipple and drag your tongue down across my belly, stopping to dip it into my belly button.


You pull your fingers out of me and bring your other hand up to help spread my lips.

"Tell me."

You lean forward and stroke my clit with your tongue. Softly. Slowly.

I grab your shoulders for support and clutch your shirt tightly in my fists as my hips buck forward and you pull my clit into your mouth.


You suck hard on my clit, destroying me with your lips, with your teeth, with your tongue, "Tell me what you want."

"Fuck, baby. You... ."

You pull back slightly and swirl your tongue around my clit again, teasing me, and your fingers dip back down, finding me. You push them back into me and I begin to languorously rock my hips, riding your fingers.

Oh, how you slay me. Everything inside of me clutches, a white hot ball of need longing to unravel.

"Fuck, I need..."

You curve your fingers inside me, brushing them against my walls and I feel myself begin to unravel.

I slide down the wall, your fingers still inside me and you capture my lips, your tongue snaking in to tangle with mine. And God, I can taste myself in your mouth.

I reach for you, quickly pushing your pants down over your hips and grasp your cock in my hand, deftly stroking. Your fingers slip from me and I urge you to your feet, your cock still snug in my hand.

I push you back against the wall, inching forward on my knees and lean in, taking you into my mouth. Your hands slip into my hair and I take you in further. I moan because you feel so good in my mouth and the vibration against your cock has your hips pressing forward. My hand is still wrapped firmly around the base and I slide my mouth back up the length of your cock, stopping to twirl my tongue around the tip before moving back down to drag my tongue from tip to base. Your cock slides smoothly in and out of my mouth and I tighten my hand around the base of your shaft and begin to pump, my hand brushing against my lips with every stroke.

I lift my eyes to look at you and I see you watching me as I make love to you with my mouth. I lower my eyes and watch transfixed as your cock slides between my parted lips.

You gently tug on my hair and my eyes meet yours again. "Come here."

You begin to pull me up and I reluctantly release my grip on your cock. Our bodies rub together on the way up and it feels splendid. I slide my hands up under your shirt, pushing it up and over your head before dipping back down to drag the flat of my tongue across your nipple.

I feel your hands settle beneath my ass and I run my lips up your chest, settling into the crook of your neck as you lift me and turn to press my back against the wall. I feel the head of your cock press against my entrance and I wrap my legs around your waist, digging my feet into your back as I thrust my hips down trying to take you inside me.

"Please." I whisper against your neck and you press forward, burying yourself inside me.

You pull back and press forward, over and over again, your cock sliding in and out of me.

"God, you feel good."

And you do. God, you do.

Your thrusts quicken as you set a punishing rhythm and I'm powerless to do anything but hang on and enjoy the ride.

And I do, oh, I do.

That soft, sweet tug at the center of my core begins to spread, beckoning me and I shamelessly surrender to it. My muscles clamp down, gripping your cock tightly as I come and with a couple more thrusts you follow me down the path toward your own sweet surrender.

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  1. Blogger Nina posted at 9:36 PM, April 11, 2006  
    I can't even speak! and I mean that sincerly.
    This is an amazing post, but thats no surprise, you are an amazing woman.

    kisses, lots of kisses,
  2. Blogger Jeff posted at 7:23 PM, April 13, 2006  
    This is beautiful Psyche. Just like you!
  3. Anonymous Scorpio57 posted at 11:01 AM, April 16, 2006  
    Came over from Sasha'a site & have to say I Love This! Wow. Up against the wall is a personal favorite of mine. Thank you very much for an incredible ride.

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