Monday, February 20, 2006

Takin' it back to da old school...

SD has been in a twisted, funky, not all together pleasant mood of late, there is something bothering me, and I haven't quite figured out how to move past it. And because I haven't, I'm feeling positively unsexy, and just downright bitchy.

But there's no reason all of you lovely people should have to suffer along with me, is there?

So let's go back, shall we? Though I've never posted this here, it was written awhile back (July, I believe) when I was feeling positively sexy, and not at all bitchy. It also happens to be the first thing I'd ever written for Dane, and was, in a way, the beginning of what has become a very special relationship, one that has grown into much more than the initial lust that sparked it (for me, anyhow).

In Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that felt so incredibly real it blew your mind? I have.

It was surreal, as if time had suspended itself and every feeling, every sensation was amplified to an overwhelming intensity. I could feel him... his hands, his lips, his teeth, his tongue... everything.

He touched me…

I don't know where we are or how we got here? That's the funny thing about dreams... What sparks them? What fuels them? I've never physically laid eyes on you so why are you here with me? I don't know the answer.

I've never met you but you're so achingly real to me... never spoken to you but your voice is so lovingly intimate... never touched you but your body is so beautifully familiar.

And you've never touched me but your fingers against my flesh feel so hauntingly right and God, it's crazy but I want you with a passion I couldn't possibly explain.

It's a dream, I know it is, but it feels so real.

Your lips are soft... sweet... tender... as they blend into mine and your tongue playfully coaxes my lips apart, dipping inside to tangle with mine. I can feel the smooth slide of your tongue against mine and the press of your fingers as you grasp my hips, pulling me against you, into you.

Our bodies press together, molding curve to curve, two pieces of a puzzle intricately fitted together. Your hands slide from my hips, up my back, into my hair and your fingers flex restlessly against my scalp. I close my eyes, absorbing the sensations... mouth against mouth, flesh against flesh, heat against heat.

Your mouth leaves mine... lips, teeth and tongue graze over my skin, stopping to trace the delicate column of my neck with the tip of your tongue. My whole body is thrumming, throbbing, aching. For you.

I run my hand down your chest, stopping to splay my fingers across your stomach before sliding down to wrap my fingers loosely around the rigid length of your cock. God, you're so hot and hard in my hand I can't help but wrap my fingers tighter around you, rubbing the length of your cock against my palm as I begin to thrust.

I can feel your breath beating against my neck and the tug of your fingers fisting in my hair. One of the hands fisted in my hair tightens and tugs, pulling my head back while your other hand skims down over my breasts and stomach, slipping lower to slide through the slippery folds of my pussy before getting lost in the wet heat emanating from my body. Your fingers dip into me and your thumb comes up to rub lazy circles around my clit. I press my hips down against your hand and your thumb brushes across my clit. God. I bite down on my tongue and arch my back, it feels good. Too good.

You lift your head from the crook of my neck and my eyes slowly open, burning into yours. My grip on your cock tightens and the hand in my hair drops down to cup my breast, your thumb moving up to tease my nipple. I feel your other hand move from between my legs and glide up over the flat of my stomach, leaving a moist trail in it's wake.

My breath is coming out in choppy waves, my body is quivering. I need...

"I need to taste you."

I drop to my knees, my hand still wrapped around your cock and slowly swirl my tongue around the head. I fit my lips around you and slide my mouth down as my hand thrusts up to brush against my lips. Up... down... over and over again I work you with my hands and mouth. Your taste is on my tongue and I want more. I want all. I bring my other hand up to cradle your balls, kneading them in my palm while I continue to take your cock in and out of my mouth. You reach down and tug on my hair, breaking the rhythm of my mouth on your cock. You don't want to cum this way but God, I want you to. I want to feel you explode in my mouth, your cum a steady tattoo as it beats against the back of my throat.

You pull me up and the friction of our flesh sliding together is heavenly. You fuse your mouth to mine, the saltiness of your precum mixing with our saliva and you groan into my mouth. Your hands slide down my back and you cup my ass, lifting me. I wrap my legs around your waist as you slowly lower us, pressing my back against the cool floor underneath me.

You run your hands up over my ribcage and palm my breasts, dragging your tongue down between the valley of my breasts and over the sensitive skin on my belly. I moan and arch my back, pressing my hips against your chest but you push me back down and continue your assault, stopping to dip into the hollow of my belly button with your tongue while your fingers move lower... finding me... piercing me. Your tongue continues it's descent, slipping lower until I can feel your breath beating against the aching flesh between my thighs. You lean in and flick your tongue lightly over my clit and I arch my hips up, pressing my clit into your open mouth and you bite down gently. I whimper as you lift up, scraping your teeth over my clit and run your tongue through my folds, pressing it into me to join your fingers.

"Oh God. Please."

You pull your tongue out, sliding back up and begin to flick it against my clit in a mind blowing rhythm while your fingers continue to press in and out of me. I can feel the orgasm building in torturous degrees, battering my senses and I reach down to fist my hands in your hair.

"Fuck. I'm gonna cum. Now. Oh fuck. Now."

"Yeah, that's it baby. Let go. Just let it go."

I am. I have no choice.

My body is shuddering and my walls are convulsing in maddening waves around your fingers as you pull them out of me and move up my body. I feel the tip of your cock press against my entrance and I wrap my legs around your waist, digging my feet into the back of your thighs and pull your hips forward. You slide into me to the hilt and the feeling of having you inside me, filling me sends jolts of pleasure dancing up my spine. Your hands come up, your palms sliding over mine, our fingers clasping as we begin to move together. You increase the intensity of your thrusts and every downward thrust has your pelvis colliding with mine. Our bodies are slick with sweat and the friction is incredible. It's too much and I can feel that sweet pulling sensation begin to radiate from my core. Your breath is harsh as it fans against my neck and I can feel the muscles in your thighs tighten as you get closer to the edge.

I feel your teeth graze over my shoulder before they sink into the soft flesh. You press forward, burying yourself completely inside me and I feel you erupt, stepping over the edge and straight into madness, ruthlessly pulling me with you.

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  1. Blogger Aragorn posted at 6:10 AM, February 21, 2006  
    Dear SD, sorry to hear things are bothering you !! Sometimes they will fade, other times we suddenly come to understand what it is and being able to name them helps to make them disappear (much as in the fairytale Rumpelsteelchen). Good luck dear !

    Beautiful writing, hot and so beautifully explicit (tongue and teeth grazing your body) ... Ah, fabulous !! So glad you have a box of ‘old stories’ to pull one out from ...

    Hugs - A
  2. Blogger Nina posted at 11:53 AM, February 21, 2006  
    "I've never met you but you're so achingly real to me... never spoken to you but your voice is so lovingly intimate... never touched you but your body is so beautifully familiar.

    What an amazing ability you have to bring the words to life."

  3. Anonymous Sasha White posted at 1:30 PM, February 21, 2006  
    *hugs* I hope you feel better soon.

    The words...lovely and erotic.. as always
  4. Blogger Jeff posted at 3:13 PM, February 21, 2006  
    Psyche... All I can add to this are my thoughts...

    "You are beautiful."

  5. Blogger SD posted at 10:47 AM, February 25, 2006  
    Thank you all for the lovely comments. Sincerely.

    Lots of *Kisses* & Big *Hugs*!

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