Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I want to watch you...

Watch, transfixed, as your fingers brush across the satiny smooth skin of your cock, your palm pressing and your fingers wrapping, one by one, around your rigid length.

Watch, enraptured, as your thumb moves back up to softly skim over the glistening bead of precome at the very tip before moving back down to trace the line of your cock.

Watch, tantalized, as your fingers flex and tighten around the straining flesh, enveloping your cock in a heady grip, your hand beginning to leisurely piston.

Watch, bewitched, as your cock glides agilely against palm and fingers in an intimate dance, your grip tightening with every slippery smooth stroke of palm against cock.

Watch, seduced, as rapture begins to overtake you, soft and sweet, your body tensing and your eyes, brilliantly blue, awash with uninhibited ecstasy.

Watch, unabashedly aroused, as your pleasure hits its crescendo and your come begins to jet out in thick steady streams, covering your hand, your chest, your belly.

I want to watch

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