Saturday, May 28, 2005

A trip down memory lane

This is more romantic than anything but it's a memory that I'll always cherish and one of the most sensitized sexual experiences I've ever had. We weren't married back then, we were merely two people enjoying the wonders of being new lovers.

We decide to cut through the soccer field to get to the other side of the park, the sky is an inky black and we're using the pearlescent glow of the moon to guide us. I can tell that the grass is soft and I want to feel it underneath my feet, to be able to curl my toes into all that springy softness. I get up on my tippy toes to whisper my want in your ear and you laugh. I love hearing you laugh, it's such a beautifully free sound that always makes my heart flutter. I slip my shoes off and giggle because the grass tickles my toes. I start to spin in wild, dizzying circles, enjoying the soft grass under my feet and the night air against my skin. It starts to rain and I stop spinning. I lift my head toward the sky, closing my eyes as the cool rain falls in whispering waves against my face. Oh God, it feels wonderful.

I sense you, I don't know how but I know you're there, right there... watching... waiting. I open my eyes, lower my head and our eyes lock.

"I want you."

I know you want me. I can see it burning in your eyes.

"I know."

You step into me, pressing your lower body against mine. You're hard as iron and I can't stop myself, I have to touch you. I slide my hand down between us and cup your erection in my palm. Your cock is so beautifully perfect and I can't stop the moan that slips through my lips as I feel it pulse in my hand.

"Oh baby..." I say on another moan and squeeze your cock tighter in my palm.

I feel your hands slide down to cup my ass and you lift me up. I reluctantly remove my hand from your cock and wrap my legs around your waist. You drop to your knees, gently lowering us down until my back is pressing against the cool, wet grass.

Our lower bodies are fitted together and you lean down to trace your tongue along the line of my lower lip before sinking into my mouth with a glorious mixture of lips, teeth and tongue.

I reach down to where our bodies are pressed together and slide my hand in between us to undo your pants and you reach down too, stilling my hand.

"Please, I need..."

Your lips leave mine and I groan at the loss, "I know what you need baby."

You're hovering above me, supporting yourself with one arm and you reach down with the other to grasp the bottom of my skirt, lifting it up to bunch around my waist. Your cloth covered erection is pressed against the damp center of my panties and you push your hips forward to grind against me.

"Oh fuck." I have to bite my lip to stop the scream that's clawing to break free. I want you inside me so bad, it's like a burning at the center of my core, radiating outward, sending jolts of heat through the rest of my body.

Your hand moves down and I can feel you fighting to free yourself. I reach down too just as you get your button undone and I slide my hand under the waistband, pushing the zipper down as my hand slips further inside. I wrap my hand around the smooth shaft of your cock and you groan, pressing your hips down to trap my hand between your cock and the wet heat seeping through my panties.

"I want you inside me. Now."

You wanted to tease me, to draw out my pleasure but we both know the time for teasing is done.

I pull my hand out and grasp the waist band of your pants, pushing them down enough to free that beautiful cock of yours. You lift up a bit and reach down to slide my panties over before you drop your hips back down and drag your tip up and down between the soft, wet petals of my pussy.


I arch my hips up and your cock slides inside me. Oh God, that's it, that's all I needed. I can still see the stars twinkling overhead, their glow is slightly distorted by the misting rain but they're still beautiful. I can still feel the rain, it's nothing more than a slight sprinkle but it feels so heavenly sliding off your back and bringing a chill to my heated skin. But all of that is nothing compared to the sensations coursing through me as the orgasm rips through my body. Oh, it's so exquisite.
I close my eyes gently and let the sensations take me where they will, knowing that soon, you'll join me in this endless abyss of pleasure.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

A lovely way to start the day

Mmm, my eyes are closed, my mind still foggy with sleep. I'm drifting in that surreal place between reality and dreams but I feel you. Your hands, soft as satin, gently running up my back, grazing lightly over my shoulder blades and back down again to flirt with my waist.

I feel the pulsing heat of your erection pressed tightly between us and I push back against it, moving up a bit so it slips between my legs.

You moan softly and the sound is like music to my ears.

"You awake?" You ask and your voice is still husky from sleep and god, you will never know what that gravelly sound does to me.

"Mmmm." Is the only answer I give you but it's enough.

Your hand tightens on my waist, your fingers are digging into my flesh and it feels so good. I clasp my thighs tighter together, squeezing your erection and you push your hips forward, sliding your cock between my closed thighs. I know you like that, I can hear it in your breathing.

"I need to be inside you. I can't wait."

I want that too. I'm already wet and ready for you. No foreplay is needed, just you, hot and hard inside of me. I reach down, slipping my hand between my legs to grasp your cock and guide you inside me.

You’re halfway in but you want more… you jerk your hips forward, burying yourself deep, deep inside. My inner muscles clamp down around you like a velvet fist, snuggling your cock and I feel you shudder as our moans of pleasure blend into one another.

You begin to thrust… slowly.


Your breath flutters against my ear and I feel your hand slide up from my hip to cup my breast. You curve your fingers in to brush over my nipple, tentatively at first and then you begin methodically rolling it between your fingers. Oh God… you know how sensitive my nipples are. You know what it does to me when you touch them.

“Please…” I’m not above begging… not with you.

Your other hand is tightly fisted in my hair and the pressure on my scalp is exquisite. You tug - not hard - just enough to tell me that you know what I want.

I want to cum, I’m not selfless but right now it’s your pleasure that I’m aching for. I want you to cum. I need to feel you cum. I want to feel your lovely cock swell up inside me until bursts and you spill yourself, your cum bathing my insides in endless streams.

The hand in my hair flexes and I know, Oh, I know. You’re close… so very close to the edge. I want to push you over. I slip my hand between my legs again, reaching back to where we’re joined and let my fingers graze the underside of your cock every time you slide out of me.

“Fuck, that feels good.” Your voice is a growl now, the huskiness has been replaced by something a bit more primal.

Your thrusts are getting harder… deeper… faster…

“That’s it baby, cum for me.”

I know you’re about to spill, I can feel your cock swelling inside me so I move my fingers back up over my clit and press down. Fuck, it’s so sensitive, just the pressure of my finger is enough to have my walls convulsing around you as I crest.

“Oh God…” The hand on my breast flexes and you push in deep, your whole body freezing as you erupt inside me.

You drop your head forward to rest against my hair and try to even out your breathing. You’re still buried inside me and I love that, the intimacy of it.

“I love you.” It’s muffled against my skin but I hear you.

“I love you too.”

You snuggle in closer, lifting your head up to rest atop mine, basking in the magical afterglow of the love we’ve just shared with each other. We're both so content.


The alarm blares in intrusive intensity and the spell that entraps us is broken.

What a lovely way to wake up. It was beautiful but over all too fast. That damn alarm clock. We both got up and went through our regular morning routine before going off to our respective jobs. But we both knew that the memory of what we’d shared that morning would remain etched in our minds, carrying us through the day

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Adventures in "Amateur" Porn

Last night I pissed off A (I think that's what I'll call my hubby) something fierce. He took me out to a nice dinner and he was in such a playful mood. He leaned over during dinner and whispered, "I love your vagina." I arched a brow at him, "Really?" He said, "Mmm Hmm, I want to see it. Now." I don't know how he did it but he managed to convince me to go into the ladies room and take pictures of my pussy with his camera phone. It wasn't easy with the other ladies traipsing in and out of there because his phone makes this weird noise when you take a picture but I did it. So, needless to say, he was all revved up and ready for action but by the time we got home, I was tired and I wasn't in any mood to play.

Well, he wasn't going to give me a chance to punk out of it today. Nope, he got me naked and took control of the situation.

"Touch yourself."

I can see you... you're watching me, your eyes burning into mine as they silently echo your verbal command. I can feel the weight of your hand on my knee, imploring me to part them, to spread myself wide for you.

And I do. Oh, I do.

"Touch yourself." you repeat, your eyes dropping down to absorb the view I've laid open for you, "I want to watch you play with that pretty pussy."

I trail my hand down over my belly and slide it shamelessly between my parted thighs, rubbing my fingers over the puffy outer lips of my pussy.

"Is this what you want baby?"

I know it's not. You want more. So much more.

"You know what I want."

Mmmm. Yes, I do. I slide my other hand down between my legs and gently spread my outer lips. You growl, a harsh sound that sends jolts dancing up my spine. I can feel the cool air brushing against the glistening pink flesh of my pussy and I bite down hard on my lower lip.

"Oh God. Touch it."

I slide a finger down through my folds and push it deep inside me.

"Like this?"

"Fuck yes."

I push another finger inside and begin to thrust them in and out of me in a soft, slow rhythm, my thumb moving over to drag across my engorged clit. Oh, the pleasure, my eyelashes flutter closed as I absorb the intensity. I feel the bed shift and my eyes open. You're leaned over the side of the bed and I can see the muscles in your back flex as you reach down to pick up something.

My fingers still, "What're you doing?"

You turn back towards me and I see it. The small handheld camcorder that we always drag along with us on family outings. It may be shameful but the thought of you filming me as I masturbate myself to orgasm makes my insides clench tightly around the fingers lying still inside me.

"Don't stop." you whisper, aiming the camera between my parted thighs.


We shouldn't. I know we shouldn't. But...

"Shhh." you interrupt my mental debate, "This is just for us."

I trust you. There's no one on earth I trust more than you.


My fingers begin to move again, slowly at first and then faster... faster... faster... I can see the camera focused on my fingers as they move in and out of me and it pushes me on.

"Fuck, I'm close baby."

My eyes are at half mast but I see your free hand reach down to stroke the hard shaft of your beautiful cock. I love watching you stroke yourself. I see your hand tighten around your shaft and your thrusts get harder... faster... I can hear your breath panting out through your partially closed lips.

It's too much. My thumb presses down hard on my clit, digging into the throbbing bundle of nerves. My hips arch up and I push my fingers in as deep as they'll go.

"Oh fuck baby, I'm coming."

My walls begin to convulse in maddening waves around my fingers, pulling them deeper inside me. My moans are now melding with yours and my eyes open fully to watch you as you stroke yourself to completion.

So, that's how I spent my afternoon. And taping me masturbating was so wickedly naughty that we couldn't stop there. Oh no, we had tons of fun with the camcorder after that.

And let me tell you, there is nothing more erotic than watching the playback of you fucking your partner on screen. It's just... orgasmic.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Who am I?

I'm merely a woman infused with wants and needs that, more times than not, go unsated.

I love the feel of my lovers hard, callused palms skimming intimately over my heated skin, the pads of his fingertips digging into me as our excitement builds.

I love the feel of his soft, fleshy tongue trailing moist patterns across my body as he makes his way toward the delicious ache pulsing between my thighs.

I love the feel of his tongue as it runs teasingly between the slick pink folds of my pussy, mixing his saliva with the wetness already seeping from my core. Oh, it's so mind-numbing, the way he stops to delicately nibble on the throbbing bundle of nerves at the top of my sex before swiping back down to plunge that wickedly wonderful tongue inside me.

I love the silky smooth feel of his hard cock rubbing against me as he moves torturously slow up my body, quickening his pace as he gets closer to my soft, slippery center. The way he settles himself between my parted thighs as if there's nowhere else on earth he'd rather be and places the glorious tip of his beautiful cock at my entrance, quickly coating himself in my juices. The way he ruthlessly drags his cock up between my lips to press against my erect clit before dropping back down to press deep, deep inside me.

I love the feel of his muscles bunching and flexing underneath my fingers as he thrusts in and out of me, over and over again. The way his pelvis slaps against mine, stimulating my already quivering clit to a point somewhere past delirium.

I love the way I can feel my orgasm building degree by mind-blowing degree until I just explode in one endless wave of pleasure, my inner walls clutching his hard cock and pulling him deeper inside me.

I love the way his whole body tenses as he comes, as if he's locked in some quasi state of orgasmic bliss. Mmm, the way his cum beats against my inner walls is just so sinfully delicious.

And now that we've established what I love and desperately want more of, I'll give you some background info.

I'm married. I have been for quite some time. I love sex, he loves sex. That's not our problem. Our problem is, we just don't seem to love it at the same time anymore. It's like a cluster fuck.

So, I've decided to air my sexual frustrations, wants, desires, needs here. I have another blog that I won't link to this one because well, my friends and family know all about that one and though I may say things that are over-the-top from time to time on there, it's pretty tame and it's definitely user friendly for my loved ones. And well, this one... Nah, cause I may say things that I just don't want some people to be knowledgable about. I mean, I don't want to be sitting at a family dinner and someone say, "Hey, I read you ordered "The Rabbit" from How'd that work out for ya?" It would just be awkward.

Some of my entries will be purely fantasy driven and some won't.

And if you happen to stumble across this blog - I hope you enjoy yourself.

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