Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This was written for someone who shall remain nameless unless he wishes otherwise...

My knees dig into your hips, holding you in place and I gently drop my hips down, taking you... inch by glorious inch ...inside me.

I run my hands up over my stomach until they're covering my breasts and close my eyes as I silently absorb the pleasure of having you inside me... filling me.


I slowly twirl my hips, just a slight twist and my walls instinctively tighten around you... a hot, wet, velvet fist ...trapping you within me. I lift my hips up and your cock slides out of me, leaving only your tip still pressed inside.

Your hands come up to cover mine over my breasts and I can't help but drop my eyes down to where your body is merged with mine.

And it's beautiful.

I take my hands from under yours and lean back, placing them on the bed. I arch my back and slide back down until you're buried fully inside me again a
nd slowly ride us to completion.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Recently (not sure when exactly), while I was busy being neglectful of this blog, my stat counter quietly and without fanfare passed 45,000 hits. Ah, it was a surreal moment. I just sat here staring blankly at my computer screen while I silently toasted all of you lovely people (this was, of course, after I had a brief childish moment of giddy delight). After my silent toast, I put my feet up on my desk and marveled at how I somehow managed to rack up over 45,000 hits without having to stand on my head, post salacious pictures of myself, beg, borrow or steal (hell, my personal blog only has about 9,000 hits and it's been around a lot longer but then again who really wants to read about all that boring everyday stuff anyway, it's the sex stuff we covet). So I've come to the conclusion that you all rock hard.

And while I'm talking about stat counters, my most popular search phrase continues to be... "Cocksucking 101" (which always makes me wonder, are people searching because they read the post previously and they're trying to find their way back to my blog OR are there people out there really searching for a class on cocksucking? Hmm). Followed by the obvious... "salacious". And recently... "face down, ass up" has been getting a lot of play. But my favorite by far, is "fuck me like a vicious beast" (which led them to this post... Sexuality can be a vicious beast... and I giggled over that one and not in a bad way (at all) because if you've ever been fucked like a vicious beast you'll know just how enjoyable -- scratching, biting, deliciously toe curling -- it can be. Mmm).

So for those of you that landed here from a random search, from a link on another blog, from Fleshbot or just however you got here... thanks!

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


I want...

Your lips... soft and tender, lithe and playful, rough and insistent ...moving against mine, parting them as your tongue slips in to tangle with mine.

I want...

Your fingers... strong and sure ...manipulating my flesh, moving over me from top to bottom, stopping occasionally to circle my nipples, to tease my breasts, to trace the hot, wet line of my pussy before pressing them into me.

I want...

Your tongue... moist and velvety ...trailing across my skin until you reach my parted thighs and bury your head there, smoothly sliding your tongue between my soft, slippery lips... tasting me.

I want...

Your cock... hot, hard, demanding ...rubbing me, teasing me, piercing me as you move within my body... taking me, claiming me, owning me.

I want...

You. All of you.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Miss Salacious got nailed (quite literally).

SD was all set to talk about baking cookies, icing cakes or maybe tackling figleaf's suggestion and talk about why my libido has been a mess lately but then I got nailed (literally) so I figured I'd just go ahead and talk about that.

I dig my fingers into the arm of the couch, my knuckles turning a ghostly shade of white as your arm slides underneath me and encircles my waist. You jerk back, pulling my hips toward you and your cock slides into me in one fluid stroke.

"Is this what you wanted?" You ask.

Your voice is harsh and your breath is choppy as it ripples across my earlobe. You slide your other hand up into my hair, fisting it and roughly tug, pulling my head back.

"Is it?" You demand.

"Yes." I whisper.

You graze your teeth down the curve of my ear and stop to sink your teeth into the soft fleshy lobe.

"What did you say?"

"Yes. YES." I cry out and my fingers dig more firmly into the arm of the couch.

You release my earlobe and skim your tongue down, stopping to dig your teeth into the arch between my shoulder blades as you pull your hips back away from me. Your cock slides almost all the way out of my pussy and I whimper at the loss. Your teeth skim back up over my neck and you press forward again, burying yourself inside me and I groan helplessly as I feel your pelvis slam against the soft curve of my ass. Your hands move down to grasp my waist and you dig your fingers into the delicate skin, holding me firmly against you.

"This what you want?"


You begin to thrust your hips, pressing the solid length of your cock in and out of me. Fast and hard, you set a demanding rhythm, punishing me with your cock.

And I love it.

"Harder." I pant and you pull back, slamming into me again unrelentingly.

I push my hips back, meeting your thrusts and you growl roughly, the sound vibrating against the column of my neck.

"Come inside me. I want to feel you come inside me."

I lay my hands over yours on my hips and our fingers intertwine as you continue to hammer yourself into me. I feel your breathing grow ragged against my neck, your fingers tighten, squeezing mine. You press your cock deep inside me, holding yourself against me and I feel you erupt inside me.

P.S. I still intend to talk about my loopy libido but since I'm still in a sexual haze I'm figuring, now isn't the best time.

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