Tuesday, June 28, 2005

And I'm feelin' just fine.

This week started out on a sour note.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling funky, completely disconnected from everything around me, like I was stuck on some kooky autopilot, just going through the motions, just following the routine -- shower, dress, feed the child, make lunches, take the child to school, battle with traffic -- but nothing really touched me. It was somewhat surreal. I knew that work was going to be brutal and I wasn't looking forward to it. I wanted nothing more than to climb back into bed, bury myself under the covers and hide in lonely seclusion until this weird funk passed. But that wasn't to be.

Work was a bitch and by 5 o'clock, I was ready to physically hurt somebody. Somehow, I'd managed to work myself out of autopilot but I was still in a funk. I was tired, cranky, argumentative and well, just downright mean. I wanted... no, I needed to decompress. The need to close myself off was like an itch in desperate need of scratching. But that wasn't to be.

Family obligations. God, just the thought of sitting at a table in a fancy, overcrowded restaurant surrounded by various relatives was enough to have my stomach clutching (and not in a good way).

"We don't have to go babe. We'll tell them you're not feeling well."

"No, we'll go. We promised and [the child] is looking forward to it."

But I didn't want to go. I would've sold my soul to get out of it guilt free. But that wasn't to be.

Dinner was lively, the food was excellent, the child was a blur of excitement over the impending sleepover at Grandma's but I was miserable. I vaguely wondered if anyone around me besides A could sense my misery but honestly, I didn't care. I was there, wasn't I?

My sister was sitting across from me and managed to willfully coerce me into conversation. Though my heart wasn't in it, I was trying to keep up when I felt a wave of heat fan across my earlobe.

"I want to lick your pussy."

It was no more than a breathy whisper but it reverberated through my head like the clash of cymbals. My mind went well and truly blank.

"...doesn't she?"

I stared across the table at my sister like a deer caught in the headlights. What the hell was she saying?

"Hmm? I'm sorry. What were you saying?"

"[relative's name], doesn't she look great?"

"Huh? Oh... oh, yeah... great."

I felt a slight flutter, nothing more than a featherlight touch really, inch slowly up my thigh.

"You're so fucking sexy, it's driving me crazy sitting here with you when all I want to do is bury my face in your cunt and lap up all that salty sweetness."

Well... Fuck Me...

"... can't ... blah, blah, blah ... here ... blah, blah, blah ... amazing ... blah, blah, blah ... don't you think?"

Closer... closer... closer... the fingers inching up my thigh stopped to trace the sensitive crease between thigh and pelvis and...


"What? What?"

"Are you listening to me?"

"Listening? To you? What?"

"What's the matter with you?"

"Matter? Who? Huh?"

The fingertips slid back and forth, softly tracing the crease... over and over and over again, "Your skin is so soft... so fucking soft. Feel my fingers baby? That's where I'd start with my tongue, licking and sucking my way to your beautiful pussy."

Oh for the love of...

"SD, are you okay?"

"Okay? Me? Yeah, yeah I'm--" ...the fingers -- those wicked, evil, sinful fingers -- slid underneath my panties, slipping through the slick folds to tease my entrance before dipping inside... "OH GOD."

The breath beating against my ear was choppy now, "Fuck, you're so wet. I want you... here... now."

My sister jumped up and leaned across the table, "What? What happened? Are you feeling okay?"

"Fine. Fine. I'm fine." I managed to say without panting like a bitch in heat.

Oh please, I can't... you were fucking me with your fingers, thrusting in and out of me while my sister stared holes through me.

"You're not fine. What's going on."

"She's fine." Your voice was smooth as spun silk, you'd never know by your tone that your fingers were buried deep inside me... destroying me, "She's fine. Sit down. She's just a bit distracted today."

Well, that's the understatement of the year.

My sister focused on me and by the smirk that the spread across her mouth, I had a gut feeling she knew exactly what you were doing underneath the table.

She cleared her throat and bit back a giggle, "Okay, if you say so."

" 'Kay troops, time to hit the road." My mother's voice rang through the air and I felt your fingers slip out of me.

You drug your sticky fingers up my arm, my shoulder, my neck, my cheek and stopped to rub them softly across my lips. Oh, you evil, evil man. I fought the urge to wrap my tongue around your fingers and pull them into my mouth. I parted my lips slightly and ran the very tip of my tongue across your fingers and I could taste myself on you. Mmm.

The goodbyes were a blur, I don't remember who I spoke to, what I said... all I remembered were your whispered words and the feeling of your fingers thrusting in and out of me. We got into the car and I folded my hands meekly in my lap while you pulled out of the restaurant parking lot. As soon as we were on the road, all bets were off. I dove into your pants like a kid in a candy store, wrapping my hand tightly around your cock. With one hand on the wheel, you slid your hand across the seat and worked your way into my panties.

I stroked. You fingered.

How we made it home without causing a major accident remains a mystery to me but somehow we made it. You pulled into the driveway and slammed the car into park.

"Now. Right Now."

I reclined the seat back and you were across the car... on me, in me ...before I could draw a breath. I lifted my leg up and lost a shoe but was too lost in the moment to give a fuck. I dug my foot into the dashboard for support and thrust my hips downward, our pelvises slapping together as you thrust upward.

We stopped thinking... the neighbors -- fuck 'em, the dog barking -- fuck it, the security lights -- fuck 'em. We were too lost in each other to care about that trivial shit.

Lips, teeth, tongue, limbs... all a glorious tangle. It was a hot, wet, slippery slide of bodies and fuck, it felt good.

Sometime later, as I limped into the house my clothes a jumbled mess and one shoe missing, I felt a euphoric sense of contentment wash through me.


So, it's Tuesday and I'm feeling just fine. Just fine, indeed.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Cocksucking 101"

J recently issued a challenge...

So…I want to throw down a challenge…I want the BEST blowjob/hand job by any of you. As you know from my blog, I love to face fuck and get my cock worshipped. And have REALLY been getting into showing off my cock. So. I want any of you to post and tell me why you are such a good cocksucker.

And since I never could resist a challenge...

Of course, I've never been any good at conforming to rules so, instead of describing my best blowjob, I've decided to impart my knowledge on all of you lovely people.

Welcome to 'Cocksucking 101'.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the show and by all means, feel free to participate.

I love cock and since (sadly) I don't have one, everything -- texture, weight, feel, smell, taste -- about that glorious creature fascinates me. There are times when I'm eye level with A's cock and I just want to lean forward and sink my teeth into all that hot, hard, smooth flesh (not a good idea, by the way, a little nibbling maybe but no biting). I don't know why but there's just something so elemental about taking a cock into my mouth and feasting on all that delicious flesh.


Let's begin, shall we?

Soft or hard? It doesn't matter, wrapping your lips around a soft cock and feeling it come to life in your mouth is extremely sexy. Try it, you'll like it.

And once you've got it where you want it, start slow... teasing nibbles, feathery kisses, delicate licks, breathy whispers, soft hums. Don't be afraid to play, the receiver of all that playfulness will thank you (trust me).

Work your way up to more aggressive licks... try flattening your tongue and dragging it up, from base to tip, stopping briefly to circle the head (or glans, if you want to be proper) with the very tip of your tongue before moving back down. Lots of tongue is always a good thing.

And don't ignore his balls. Some guys don't like their balls touched or licked during oral sex but most do. Be gentle with them but make sure they get some attention too... gentle sucking, soft caressing, light rubbing ... cup them in your palm and massage them delicately, run your tongue lightly over them, take them into your mouth and suck softly. All good things.

Now comes the sucking part (Mmm)... wrap your lips around the head (and remember plenty of suction is a key ingredient here) -- watch the teeth (they're no fun or so I've been told) -- and slide on down, taking him as deep as you can before sliding your mouth back up the length of his cock. Now, I'm a hand and mouth girl. I rarely suck cock without wrapping my hand around the base. There are a couple reasons for that... #1. I can control how deep I take his cock into my mouth AND #2. A little stroking while your lips and tongue focus on the head is always nice. And if you're in a position where both hands are free, then use your other hand to stimulate his balls (or other areas... his perineum, his ass, his thighs, his chest) while you're sucking and stroking his cock.

Now comes the rough part. When the fuck is he going to cum? Your lips are numb, your jaws are sore, your hand is cramped and you have a kink in your neck that you'll probably be feeling for days and he still hasn't cum. What's with that? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but some guys just don't cum during oral, it's a pity and all but that's the breaks. All that fretting and un-needed pain isn't necessary. Don't worry about it. Making him cum shouldn't be the main focus, there are other ways to achieve that. Just enjoy him... his taste... his feel... his smell... Showing him that you appreciate, adore and love his cock is more than enough. I swear. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Now go on... practice, practice, practice (and let me know how it cums out -- sorry, couldn't help myself).


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Monday, June 20, 2005

The Art of Love

A poet I am not, but I'm feeling slightly poetic today...

Soft as satin...
Hard as stone...
Blood and sweat...
Skin and bone...
Hand in hand...
Heart to heart...
What more is love but a work of art?

A canvas graced with beautiful colors...
Depicting what's felt, one for the other...

A glorious palette of delectable flavors...
Something to cherish, something to savor...

I'm for you and you're for me...
That's the way it was meant to be...

Our destiny's sealed, our fate's secured...
You are mine and I am yours...

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Cumming in technicolor.

Ever since our impromptu adventure in "amateur" porn, we've teased and flirted with the idea of a repeat performance but I didn't really think we'd ever cross that line again. Boy, was I wrong...

Your hands... Oh God, your rough, callused hands are cruising over my skin... everywhere -- my face, my neck, my breasts, my belly, my thighs -- you pause at the crease between my thigh and my pelvis and trace your finger tauntingly back and forth. Oh, your touch -- your light, naughty, playful touch is driving me crazy. You know it. You love it.

You trail your finger up, lightly skimming through the moist folds of my pussy and I arch my hips but that's not what you want. You want to taunt, to tease, to dominate, to destroy. You drag your finger back down to softly stroke the flesh of my inner thigh, the very tips of your fingers swirling and twirling playfully, teasingly.

I'm on the brink, my body is a tightly balled fist of sensations. I need...

"Please, I need to cum."

Your fingers still, "Do you?"

"Yes. God, yes. Please."

The hand on my thigh slides off. You scoot back, away from me, moving off the bed and my body screams from the loss of your touch.


"Hush love. You'll get to cum."

You walk back toward the bed and I see it now. The camcorder. Visions of our last video session flash through my mind in technicolor, one mind-blowing moment after another until they overlap and blend together into one erotically intense image. I snap my thighs together, clenching them tight and moan helplessly.

"You like that don't you?" You growl and climb back on the bed, inching toward me, the camcorder held snuggly in your hand, "You like knowing that when we're done you can watch... watch me fucking you, fingering you, licking you, making you cum?"


You stop in front of my clenched thighs and your cock brushes against me. You're hard as iron, hot as fire and my walls flex in anticipation. You spread my thighs... opening me, exposing me... and slide down, your tongue flicking wildly across my skin on your way down. You stop, your face suspended over the glistening pink lips of my pussy and I can feel your breath beat in unsteady waves against the over sensitized flesh. You dip your head down, burrowing your tongue in between the pouty lips and drag your tongue up... down...

Oh fuck. It feels good. Too good. I arch my back and spread my arms wide, curling my fingers into the bed sheets, fisting them tightly in my palms.

Your tongue moves up to circle my clit and I whimper brokenly.

"Please baby... please, I..."

You nip my clit lightly with your teeth and pull your face back, away from my aching pussy.

"No... please... don't... don't stop."

"Hold the camera baby."

My mind feels like it's packed with cobwebs, my eyes are glazed over with lust, my body feels like a quivering puddle of melted wax. I can't think... can't fucking think...


"The camera baby, hold the camera."

Oh Fuck. "I can't... I..."

I shake my head, trying to clear the cobwebs and you lean down and flick your tongue teasingly over my clit, " Yes, you can."


You sit up and tug one of the hands fisted in the bed sheets loose, "Hold the camera baby."

You pull me up a bit and place the camera in my hand, maneuvering both until my pussy fills the view screen.

My hands are shaking, my thighs are quivering, my pussy is pulsing....

"I can't do this. My hands..."

"Shhh. Just watch. I want you to watch me while I make you cum."

Oh God.

Oh Fuck.

You drop back down and bury your face in my pussy, your tongue a wild, wicked, sinful flurry of motion.



I can see you... licking... sucking... nibbling... biting...

My hands are unsteady, the camera is shaking but I can't tear my eyes away. I can see you... pleasuring me... and...

"Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck... OH FUCK..."

It's too fucking much. My walls clench tight and I burst in a blinding flash of white light... coating your tongue, filling your mouth.

There's a deep well of trust between A and I, that's the only reason I would ever allow myself to be filmed in such a personal manner. Not everyone shares that same trust and unless you do, I wouldn't advise taping your sexual exploits. But ladies and gentlemen, if you'd like to watch you and your partner pleasuring each other there's a way that doesn't involve incriminating footage. The next time someone is performing oral on you, fingering you, fucking you (the list goes on) and you want to watch - take a mirror and get into a position where you can aim the mirror at the action and still be able to see the image reflected in the mirror.

It's a delicious sight. Trust me.


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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Intimacy defined.

What defines sexual intimacy between lovers?

A delicate touch? A gentle kiss? A brush of fingers? A flick of the tongue? A soft, silky slide of flesh against flesh? A slow, sweet joining of bodies? A frantic, animalistic coupling?

Yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes...

Any or all of those things could perfectly define sexual intimacy between lovers. There is no right or wrong answer and I'm fairly positive if you posed that question to a group of people, no two answers would be the same because sexual intimacy means different things to different people.

For me, the answer is simple... any sexual act -- from soft, sensual foreplay to kinky, hardcore sex -- involving mutual respect, love and trust constitues sexual intimacy. It can starlight and moonbeams or it can be a rough and tumble, tie him (or her) up romp... the actions make no differene, it's the bond between the people committing the act that does.

"Sex is more than an act of pleasure, it's the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it's almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And it's at this moment you're a part of them." ~ Anonymous

Today I give you starlight and moonbeams...

I can hear the gentle tapping sound of the rain echoing through the room. I can see the satiny glow of the moon spilling through the open window. I can feel the cool wind caressing my flesh. I can feel the softness of the cotton sheets against my back. All of those delightful sensations are a gloriously sensual backdrop for where my attention lies...


Your callused finger feels like heaven rubbing against my soft full lips, moving lower to trace the line of my chin, the curve of my neck, the slope of my breast. You stop to circle one of the rosy peaks with the very tip of your finger before moving on to the other.

Your touch is light, gentle, tentative. No more than a whisper of fingers dancing across my skin but I feel the power of that touch, your touch, flow through my body.

"So soft."

Your finger trails back up to lightly etch over my collarone and I can feel the breath back up in my lungs. Oh, the feelings you elicit in me are like nothing I've ever felt before. Indescribable. You dip your head down, replacing your fingers with the silky smoothness of your tongue.

"So sweet."

I can feel that delicious tug begin to pull at my center... potent yet sweet.

Your hand begins to wander, skimming lower... lower... lower... until you reach the juncture of my thighs. You slide your hand in between my legs to cup me and press your palm gently against my sex. Oh God, the roughness of your palm pressed against the soft flesh of my pussy is bliss.

You run your fingers over my pussy, from top to bottom, oh so gently exploring my slippery folds. God, it's too much. The tingly ache that's been beating like a drum between my thighs increases degree by mind-blowing degree until I feel like my body is going to shatter into a million pieces of jagged glass.

I'm on the verge of madness, a mere touch away from insanity. I need you... inside me... filling me... completing me. I sit up and reach for you, fisting my hands in your hair and pull you down until your body is flush with mine. Skin to skin. Heart to heart. Sex to sex.

"I need you."

Your mouth closes over mine, your hands slide up into my hair and you thrust your hips forward, piercing me. I groan helplessly and my eyes cloud over as I feel you moving within my body.

Our bodies are joined... mated, creating an exquisite rhythm all our own, stroke for blissful stroke we rock together... always together. Each slick, slippery slide bringing us one step closer to fulfillment.

Your thrusts start out slow, unhurried then faster, harder. Oh, my body burns from the pleasure. You pull out completely before plunging in again... deep, deep ...over and over again. I'm on the edge, teetering on the line, one thrust away from complete ecstacy.

"Baby, I'm going to cum."

Your breath beats against my ear and I close my eyes.

"Me too... me too."

And that's it. One final thrust and we're there together... always together.


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Sunday, June 12, 2005

The gift of trust.

To gift another with complete trust... mind, body, soul ...is to give power, it makes the one you've entrusted omnipotent. Relinquishing that power of self to another, even to someone you love with your whole being, can be terribly frightening. But there is no other choice... not for me. Because love without trust is nothing more than an illusion.

But God, it can make you feel so utterly vulnerable.

"Floating, falling, sweet intoxication... Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation... Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in." ~ Charles Hurt

The cool air wafting through the room feels like ice against my flesh and I shiver uncontrollably. Is it from the cool air or the icy fear pumping through my veins? I don't know. I can feel my teeth start to chatter and I bite down hard, grinding my teeth together in an effort to control it.

I'm naked... open... exposed... helpless... vulnerable... for you. Only you.

Oh God, it's too much... not enough. Fear and need ruthlessly blend together. My mind is a riot of confusion. I can feel the rope cutting into my skin and it frightens me... it excites me.

"I'm scared."

The fingers trailing up my inner thigh pause and your eyes burn into mine, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes, but..."

"Shhh..." Your fingers begin to move again... up, up, up ...stopping at the juncture of my thighs, "Don't be afraid baby, you know I'll never hurt you."

"I know but I... I can't..."

"Yes. You can."

I feel your fingers press into me... one, two, oh fuck three ...and God, it feels so good.


"Don't talk. Feel."

Fuck, your fingers are pumping in and out of me - hard and fast - opening me, stretching me, "But.."


Your voice is harsh, hard, demanding, ruthless and God, I love it. I can feel my pussy contract violently around your fingers.

I'm scared - yes - but God, I want it. All of it.

Your mouth closes over me, your tongue pushing into me to join your fingers and I cry out, struggling impotently against the ropes that bind my hands and feet together.

"I want to touch you. Please..."


My hips buck involuntarily and your tongue slides out of me. You pull your fingers from my sopping pussy to clutch my hips, holding me in place and drag your tongue up to swirl teasingly around my clit before scraping the rough edges of your teeth over it.

"Oh fuck baby, please..."

You drag your tongue over my pubic bone, continuing up until you reach one of my straining nipples and wrap your lips around the pebble hard bud, pulling it into your warm wet mouth. I groan, a deep, guttural sound and you bite down hard on my nipple. Oh fuck, the pain is exquisite. You release my nipple and your fingers tighten on my hips, digging into the tender flesh as you scrape your teeth over my collarbone.

"Please, I need..."

You don't give me time to finish. You bury your face in my neck and slam your hips forward, pushing your thick cock deep inside me.

"Oh God..."

You begin to thrust, pistoning your hips with a force that has my head smacking against the headboard but I don't feel it. All I feel is your cock, hot and impossibly hard, driving into me. Your pelvic bone rubs against mine, over and over again and the pressure on my clit is too much. I can't take it.

"Fuck baby, I'm cumming. Oh God, I'm cumming."

My walls begin to convulse in maddening waves, milking your cock, "Oh fuck, that feels good."

You thrust your hips forward again and our pelvises press tightly together as I feel you explode inside me.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Well, I've got a case of the warm fuzzies... thank you.

A few days ago I installed one of those invisible statcounters - I have one on my personal blog and it's interesting to see where people come from so I figured, why not put one here? And my goodness, if I could hand out random sexual favors you can bet your ass I would. But I can't (I have a sneaking suspicion that A wouldn't be too keen on me dispensing all that free lovin'). So instead, I've decided to hand out massive amounts of gratitude to the following people...

Jane's Guide reviewed my blog this week and rated me "Quality" and "Original".

Freya said something lovely about my blog in her entry A Few Places To Visit.

Aphrodite from Eros Blog posted a portion of one of my entries and made me blush.

Bacchus from Eros Blog included me in this weeks Fleshbot Sex Blog Roundup.

Every one of you made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sexuality can be a vicious beast!

There was a time, not all that long ago, that sex was nothing but a bitter battle for my A and I, it turned our home into an emotional war zone. We'd drawn a line in the sand and we were both standing on opposite sides refusing to cross over and meet each other halfway. There was a lot of hurt and rejection on both of our parts and we're both so unreasonably stubborn that I was fairly certain this battle over sex would be the demise of our relationship.

I wish that I could lay the blame fully at A's door and claim complete innocence but I can't. A very big part of the blame (but not all because there are numerous things that contribute to our unhappiness with each other) for our years of bitterness landed squarely at my door. I'm not sure how but somewhere along the line my sex drive just STOPPED. And I mean stopped. Zip, zilch, zero, done, finished, kaput. I didn't want it and no matter how hard A tried to stimulate me, it just wasn't happening. A was extremely patient with me in the beginning, doing everything he possibly could - fingers, lips, teeth, tongue, cock... anything - to please me but after a year of passionless and basically lifeless fucks he just didn't care anymore. It was a blow to his ego. I didn't want him so why should he try.

The line was drawn. A turned away from me and it hurt, but I refused to budge. It wasn't my fault I didn't want sex anymore, was it?

This emotionally draining battle went on and on. It was so heartbreaking for both of us because before I went through this weird phase, we'd had a good sex life. We'd tear into each other mindlessly, desperately... anywhere, everywhere, all the time. So, what happened? What the hell was wrong with me?

I finally buckled. I couldn't take it anymore. I loved the man and I thought if we could just talk it through reasonably we could overcome this chasm between us. We talked. A wasn't very receptive at first. Rejection is a painful thing and he'd felt it from me too many times to blindly open himself up to it again but love can be stronger than the pain rejection inflicts. So we tried again. We started masturbating for and with each other, we went toy shopping, we expanded our porn collection, we opened up and started communicating our wants and our needs, our desires and our fantasy's. There are still a lot of hit or misses - I'll want it and he's too tired, he'll want it and I'm just not in the mood - but we've come a long way. It's not perfect but it's better. Much better.

Like a tightly closed rosebud, I bloom for you
My soft pink petals glistening with dew

I gently spread those delicate petals apart
The pounding in my loins in tune with my heart

I'm open for you... to touch, to taste, to take
Oh God, this need for you is a constant ache

I've never felt this insatiable craving before
No matter how much you give, I always want more

Come to me, please... I long to feel you inside
I'm burning for you, God, will this ache ever subside

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh, the things my wicked mind wants.

This is purely fantasy but oh, how I wish it wasn't so...

You're beautiful. So incredibly beautiful. I know it's crazy but when you look at me - just look - it's like everything else just melts away... my heart beats faster, my skin starts to burn, my muscles quiver. The range of sensations that wash through me are almost painful in their intensity. For so long I've fought the need to touch you, to taste you because I never imagined you felt it too but here you are, laid out in all your glorious splendor... for me and God, I don't think I've ever wanted anyone as much as I want you right now but...

"I'm nervous." Your voice is soft, tentative.

"Me too." I admit, lifting my eyes to yours.

And I am. I didn't think I would be but I am. I've been with a woman before but this need I have for you scares me.

"Are you sure..."

"Yes." I stop you. Out of all the crazy things going on inside me right now, the one thing I know for sure is that I want you. Oh God, you have no idea how much. We're lying hip to hip and I turn toward you. "Come here."

You shift onto your side, your nipple brushes against mine and I feel sparks of electricity dance up my spine. You're so soft. So...

"Fuck, I want you."

I crook my leg, lifting it up to tease your thighs apart with my knee and you close your eyes loosely. I can feel you bow back a little as your thighs part and I slip my knee in, bringing it up to press against your pussy.

"Oh God." You press your hips down and grind against my knee. The feeling of your hot, wet pussy rubbing against my bare flesh is exquisite.

I watch you, I can't stop watching you and it's so enchanting the way passion makes you more beautiful. Your satiny, china doll skin is flushed a pale, pale rose and when your eyes flutter open to peer into mine they're heavy with need.

"I want..."

"I know."

I lean in to nip your lower lip with my teeth before laving my tongue across the ache like a soothing balm. You part your lips and your tongue snakes out to wrap around mine, pulling it into your mouth. I groan, the sound filling your mouth and I bring my hands up to cup your breasts. The soft pads of my thumbs graze your nipples, sharpening them to diamond points. The weight of your breasts in my hands is incredible but I want to feel them under my tongue.

My knee moves from between your thighs and you groan at the loss.

Our lips part and I flick my tongue over the delicate column of your neck, trailing lower until I reach your full breasts. I circle your nipple with my tongue before arrowing in on the rosy tip, sucking it greedily into my mouth.

Your hands dive into my hair and your hips thrust forward wantonly, "Touch my pussy. Please... I need to feel your hands on my pussy."

Mmm, me too.

I slip my hand between your thighs and God, you're so fucking wet. I drag two of my fingers down through all that slippery softness, from top to bottom and I feel your body shudder. You thrust forward, pressing that soft, wet pussy of yours against my fingers and they slide deep inside you.

Your walls tighten around my fingers like a velvet fist, dragging them further into your body and I bite down gently on your nipple. I want... I need...

"I want to taste you. Fuck, I need to taste you on my tongue."

I pull my fingers from inside you and roll you onto your back. I spread your legs wide and slide down your body until my face hovers at the juncture of your thighs and oh my, your pussy is so fucking beautiful. All that silky pink wetness just begging to be fucked. I dip my head down and run my tongue through your folds, coating it with the sweet, sticky moisture leaking from your core.

"God, you taste so good baby. So fucking good."

I want more. I want all.

I slide my tongue back up and drag it over your clit. Fuck, it's so hard. I can feel your pussy pulsing underneath my tongue and God, I want to feel you cum. I move my hand back down between your thighs and slip three fingers inside you. You arch up, pushing your clit against my tongue and I bite down gently.

"Oh fuck, I can't..."

You snap your thighs closed and arch your hips higher, causing my teeth to graze over your clit.

"Oh please God, I need..."

Your hips begin to pump mindlessly against my mouth and I can feel your walls clamp down around my fingers. I work another finger inside you and begin thrusting them rapidly in and out of you. I lift my head as much as your thighs will allow and flick my tongue wildly over your clit.

"Oh, Fuck... Oh, Yeah... God, YES."

Oh God, I can feel the orgasm clawing through you. I pull my fingers out to slide my tongue down and press it deep inside you. Your hands come down to grasp my head and you thrust your hips up, fucking my tongue as you ride out your orgasm.

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

For you...

Twisting... Turning...
Aching... Burning...

For you.

I want you... I need you...
To have you... To keep you...

Only you.

Touch me... Taste me...
Take me... Claim me...

I'm yours.

Eyes... Lips... Teeth... Tongue...
A mere look and I come undone.

It scares me, this power I've given you.
Don't you see, there's nothing I wouldn't do.

For you.

Only you.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

On your knees. Now.

Oral sex isn't exactly taboo in my house but it's not something that occurs very often, at least not from my end. Let's just say, I get way more than I give in the oral department. So, after a bit of my shameless cock teasing last night, A decided he wasn't going to put up with it anymore.

"On your knees."

Your voice is harsh, unrelenting. Oh God, it excites me. I've been a naughty, naughty girl and now you need to teach me a lesson.

"But baby..."

"On-Your-Knees. Now."

You fist your hands in my hair and tug roughly, forcing me down. My knees slap against the tile floor and a flash of pain sings up my legs but I barely feel it. All I feel is the erratic pounding of my heart, the aching pulse between my thighs, the sticky moisture seeping from my core, dampening my panties.

I try to look up at you but you're not having any of that. The time for restraint is gone. You force my head back down, pushing my face ruthlessly against your erection.

"You like to play games? You like to tease?"

"No, I..."

"Shut up."

You thrust your hips forward and the rigid length of your erection forces my lips open. I pull back a little but you won't be denied, one of the hands fisted in my hair tightens, holding my head in place.

"Take me in your mouth."

It's not a request.


You growl, a harsh, animalistic sound from deep in the back of your throat and my insides quiver.

"Do it."

I grasp your hips hard, my fingers sinking into your skin and lower my head, taking your thick cock into my mouth. My lips close around you and slide down all that smooth flesh until I feel your cock tickling the back of my throat.

Oh fuck, it feels so good having my lips wrapped around you. Your taste... your smell... It's been too long since I've had your beautiful cock hot, hard and pulsing in my mouth. I moan because this feel so fucking good and the vibration against your cock has your fists pressing down hard against my scalp.

"Mm, you like that?"


Your voice is a strained whisper and God, that excites me. I slide slowly back up the length of your cock, applying just enough pressure to have your breathing go ragged and stop to swirl my tongue softly around the tip. I know how sensitive the head of your cock is so I spend a glorious few minutes just licking and sucking all around the head before dropping back down to drag my tongue from tip to base, base to tip, over and over again. I move my hand down to gently cups your balls and your hips jerk forward, pressing your cock more firmly against my fleshy tongue.

"Fuck, put it in your mouth baby... Oh God, please."

As you wish.

I move my hand up to grasp the base of your cock and wrap my lips tightly around your tip, dropping down until I feel my lips brush against my hand and pull back up again.

Up... Down... Up... Down...

Your cock slides in and out of my mouth. The hand around the base of your shaft tightens and I begin to pump slowly at first, then faster... harder... until my hand falls into rhythm with my mouth.

"Oh fuck baby, that's it... Oh God, yes..."

I feel your body tense up and I know you're about to cum.

I'm ready for it. It's been so long. I want to taste your essence. I need to taste your essence.

Your hands suddenly press down hard against my scalp, pushing your cock into my mouth as deep as it'll go and I feel you burst, your cum jetting out in thick streams to beat against the back of my throat.


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